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Investigation Reveals Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Lacked Recommended Safety System

The United States Federal investigators have said that the helicopter carrying late NBA champion Kobe Bryant was not equipped with a Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) that would have sounded an alarm if an aircraft was in danger of crashing.

Although, it’s not clear if this warning system would have averted the crash, the National Transportation Safety Board recommend that to avoid future crashes, helicopters carrying six or more passenger should ensure having the system.

According to the NTSB, if TAWS had been installed, pilots would have been warned in time to prevent hitting the water.

Kobe Bryant and eight others were killed on Sunday after his aircraft plunged into a fog-shrouded mountain.

Pilot Ara Zobayan had been climbing out of the clouds when the aircraft banked left and began a sudden and terrifying 1,200-foot descent that lasted nearly a minute.

The aircraft was intact when it hit the ground, but the impact spread debris over more than 500 feet.

Remains of the final victims were recovered Tuesday and so far the remains of Bryant, Zobayan and two other passengers have been identified using fingerprints.

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