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Coronavirus: Muslim Society Suspend Activities

The National Executive Council, Trustees and the National Council of Missioners has announced the suspension of all Mosque activities particularly weekly Asalatu, Jum’ah prayers and any gathering of up to fifty people.

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HSEnations understands that the suspension of activities shall take effect immediately until further notice. This decision was informed by the menacing spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Fatwa by World Islamic bodies taking cognizance of the Islamic principles of ‘preservation of life’, ‘prevention of harm’, and ‘proactive response to impending danger’.

Muhammed Sola Hassan National Publicity Secretary said: “We acknowledge that many of our members and mosque users might find this unprecedented decision very uncomfortable, we should please be reassured that this is for the good of the community and it is in compliance with the Islamic response to the epidemic pandemic”.

“We encourage all to continue their regular prayers at home, observe personal hygiene and be consistent with their morning and evening Adhkar”.

“May Allah have mercy on the ummah, the entire community and humanity in general”.

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