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Italy Coronavirus Death Toll Hits 4,825 As 793 Die In One Day

Italy coronavirus death toll hits 4,825 as 793 die in ONE DAY in biggest daily increase

Italian soldiers at a roadblock in Catania on Saturday REUTER reports.

The death toll from the Covid-19 illness in Italy has nearly reached 5,000, as health authorities reported on Saturday that another 793 people have fallen victim to the coronavirus.
Saturday’s staggering increase of nearly 20 percent is by far the largest daily rise since the outbreak began a month ago.

Officials announced that 4,825 people have died from the disease in the Mediterranean nation, which surpassed China to become the worst-hit country in the world on Thursday.

The total number of cases across Italy rose to 53,578, an increase of over 5,000 from a previous tally of 47,021.

The worst-affected region of Lombardy remains in a critical situation, with 3,095 deaths and 25,515 cases. The situation in the region has become so severe that the Italian military had to move dozens of coffins from the cemetery in the town of Bergamo to other areas because local funeral providers were overwhelmed.

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