20 Guidelines To Protect You And Your Loved Ones From Coronavirus

Recall the World Health Organization, (WHO) declared the coronavirus a pandemic, and the number of cases continues to rise worldwide.

Here are 20 basic guidelines to protect yourself and your loved ones.

1. Face the reality that Coronavirus is spreading already in Nigeria and we all must stop the spread.
2. Ensure there is Hand Sanitizer (a good antiviral one) in your homes and should always be with you wherever you go. Ensure to make good use of it.
3.  Always go out with your nose masks if you can get one. Dispose properly after each use. If  you cannot get a nose mask, just keep a distance from people to stay safe (You never can tell who has the virus already)
4. Ensure to wash your hand regularly with good soap.
5. Disinfect your home from time to time daily -door handles, table surfaces, e.t.c.
6. Stock your Kitchen right away with Food stuffs that can last at least a month. (Just to be on the safer side, in case market begin to get deserted like is happening in Europe).
7.  Avoid public gatherings for now and avoid eating out.
8. Avoid physical contacts as much as possible. This is very essential.
9.  Avoid sharing cups, spoons, towels and the likes.
10. Boost your immune system with fruits, vegetables, hot Natural tea recipes, healthy drinks containing Apple Cider Vinegar. Ensure to detoxify your fruits and vegetables with Huwasan.,Sea Salt, Baking Soda, Vinegar, e.t.c. We have many options in our health store.
11.  You can gargle with warm water containing huwasan, vinegar, sea salt, lime, lemon, e.t.c to detoxify your sinus.
12. You can do hot water steam inhalation (add sea salt, vinegar, lime, lemon, e.t.c). Cover your head with a towel to ensure you inhale the steam well enough.
13. Whenever you go out and come back, take a warm bath and ensure you wear new set of clothes (Avoid repeating an already worn clothe).
14. Use Coconut Oil to gargle at least once daily.
Coconut Oil has anti viral properties.
You can do antiviral syrub by mixing equal quantity of 250ml coconut oil and 250ml honey then add 25ml of Garlic Tincture. Dosage: 1 tea spoon for children and 1 table spoon for Adult.
15. Observe the 4 Pillars of healthy living:
-Eat healthy
-Drink plenty of water.  Keep a bottle of water with you and the children so you keep sipping water all day long. This can help keep the respiratory tract free of toxins. Avoid drinking cold water -this will make the virus thrive.
-Exercise regularly
-Rest and reduce stress
16. Please educate children and protect them as you protect yourself.
17. Avoid premarital and extramarital sex like a plaque, as you may just be bringing doom on your entire family with that.
18. Take all necessary actions. Start now! Stay safe!
19. Relax! Stay calm! Do not panic despite the pandemic.
20. Have Faith in God and Pray for God’s Protection and End of the Coronavirus Pandemic. God surely answers prayer.
You and your loved ones deserve good health.


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