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Coronavirus: How To Keep Your Health And Business Afloat

We are living in the challenging time, a time where no book, coach, consultant or YouTuber prepared us for, this is a period where we have loads of questions but very few answers.

For business owners is even more challenging, how do you self-isolate, practice social distancing and stay at home as a good citizen and still stay afloat? It is a time to be strategic and make decisions no matter how painful.

Here are a three strategic things you can do stay safe and afloat in business in this season of crisis:

Learn from big organisations:

Adopt the remote work method or practice some days on and some days off, instead of shutting down completely, yes it will not work for all small businesses, but this is where the THINKING and STRETCHING part of being an entrepreneur shows up.

Focus on revenue generating activities:

Think of using available channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram to reach out to existing customers, give an update on the position of things globally and the steps the business has taken to serve customers despite the issues on ground. Communicate how customers can keep in touch, place order, ask questions etc.
Remember that the customers are also affected by the issue, this will be a great opportunity to create a customer support group. From this group, a quick research can be conducted that will help the business owner know products or services that will sell more or new ones that can be developed.

Another way to generate revenue is to sell to your existing customers products or services they need that you don’t currently have or produce, like an affiliate.

Start selling on mobile and on social media, this period, people need help with all sorts, from home schooling, to how to care for kids, training on how to start doing something you are already successful at, to how make immune boosting drinks, even how to cook too.

Work on your business:

Spend time learning the key things that your business needs to grow. Go virtual and acquire new skills, it could be marketing, social media, book keeping or accounting, live video skills etc.


The whole world is complaining about the times we are in, remain positive and apply the steps mentioned above, you need to shun the fear mongers and embrace the opportunities and lifestyle changes that COVID-19 brought with positivity.

Do not quarantine your business, quarantine the noise, the negative buzz, focus on your business, the growth and where you want to be when the storm is over.

Ifeanyi Julian Etuokwu-Oludumila aka #FabulousJulian the Unconventional Marketing Consultant with a Heart ❤ Founder of Grow Your Business with Fabulous Julian a community of over 15,000 entrepreneurs. She is passionate about helping startups in their first three years become marketing savvy by teaching, building and installing marketing systems that attracts the right prospects, engage and convert them to customers.

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