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Taking Food Safety To Heart While On Lockdown At Home

By Oghenetega Omaruaye

The culture of eating out for most people is now on lockdown. In the wake of the global pandemic, we have all been compelled to eat at home.

Eating at home can be a great opportunity to eat in a relaxed mode, eat what is beneficial, as well as take food safety to heart.

However, we understand that not everyone has what it takes to give their family that superlative treat but never mind, there’s always a way around it. How, you may ask? Simple.

Establish a contract with a catering service provider in the neighbourhood with high standards of food handling and hygiene or just
hire a stay in cook/chef for the period. You can also search and follow food experts on any of the social media platforms.

This season is the most difficult period to keep a diet of fresh food and vegetables. But suffix to say that it’s the most crucial time to uphold our immune system.

We must essentially get good night sleep, protect our sanity from fear and trashy news because stress and tiredness breaks ones immune system.

In staying at home, there is the tendency to comfort-eat and binge on bed-food. Well it’s understandable, but we must try not to loose sight of what is normal.

At this time, a good diet is key and it is important to try to avoid high fat diet.

When you are malnourished, your immune system will collapse. So, endeavour to
Eat for health.

Well, this is a good time to put on your learning caps or bring out your old cooking skills and focus on those basic ingredients that are high in nutrients. Do lots of cooking at home.

At this time ensure you don’t do panic-buy items you can do without, which can jeopardize your health.

If you are on total lockdown you may benefit from vitamin supplements especially vitamin D. If you still go for a road walk, you can get enough from nature.

Finally, food hygiene is always important, wash your hands, the food items, cooking utensils and workspace before cooking, disinfect after cooking and empty bins regularly.

For health and safety reasons, please do not allow anyone with a flu to do the cooking.

Authors profile

Oghenetega Omaruaye is a graduate of law from the prestigious Oba Erediuwa college of Law, Igbenedion University, Okada in Edo state.

She’s currently an Event and Food Catering entrepreneur and retail business with the goal to deliver a profitable enterprise that’s makes a difference in women’s lives and society.

Oghenetega is also the CEO of Tegilicious Events & Catering Services.

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