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COVID -19: The Endangered


Related words for endangered: exposed, imperiled, in-danger, in jeopardy, threatened, at-risk, threatened with extinction, in a dilemma, in a predicament, and seriously at risk. The depth of our backwardness was not as known to many of our citizens, no thanks to Kwaronavirus. We knew things were apart, we didn’t know how far it fell apart. The SGF said couple of days ago; he didn’t know our health sector was this deteriorated. We knew as the endangered specie!

Author: Adenusi Patrick

To be for warned is to be fore armed, I learnt. Even if we were not aware of how poor our health sector was before now, are we not now being for warned by the outbreak of this virus? Movement is known to be the easiest and best way to transmit the virus, hence the lockdown.

The one whose head is used to crack a coconut is not likely to partake of it. Do we really need strong counsel to take our safety and that of our nation serious? We can minimize the risk of expose so as to come of this in good time. You can’t help where you’ve been, but you can change where you’re going.

Yesterday I posited the lockdown could be relaxed based on our compliance and reduced cases. My friend Egorp said: “Reduced cases of infection is not enough reason to relax the lockdown, but when we can actually say the virus isn’t spreading in the same sequence, and the mutative process is died down from documented data that had been recorded and compared with that of other societies. Movement is known to be the easiest and best way to transmit and we haven’t been able to isolate asymptomatic carriers of the virus.” We must all cooperate with government and observe the lockdown.

I desire the lockdown will end NOW; like you, I’m under intense pressure for support for lack of something to eat.

People you least expect to call are distressed, the intervention from government is far off. Please, if you’re in position to offer help, kindly do. The size and location of their houses does not mean anything, food is fast running or has ran out. The success of overcoming the virus can only be achieved by our joint collaboration.

Maintain a clean environment, wash your hands regularly, and disinfect switches, railings, doors, fridges, and freezers handles. Use tissue while sneezing or coughing and dispose immediately. Let’s do what’s in our power to do and leave the rest to God. If you were there for the warfare, stay for the harvest.

In case you’ve come in contact with a confirmed coronavirus case or you’re experiencing the symptoms- fever, cough or difficulty breathing, contact the relevant agency immediately.
Stay safe.

Adenusi Patrick is the Technical Director of Safety Beyond Borders, a road safety NGO and the Chairperson – Road Safety Coalition; a body of NGOs with a strong focus on Road Safety.
He has been a resourceful person for Training Programs, Workshops, Seminars and Summit organized by several organization and government agencies.

He is a recipient of the coveted AfriSAFE Lifetime Achievement Award

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