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The Lockdown By Adenusi Patrick

A state of isolation or restricted access instituted as a security measure; a situation in which people are not allowed to enter or leave a building or area freely because of an emergency. Due to the destructive power of COVID-19, Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPI) is the cheapest way to reduce the spread of the virus and the accompanying threats. They sit at home is not a comfortable price to pay; it’s the best and safest avenue to our victory.
It’s pertinent to know “control is not as expensive as recovery;” It’s better to prepare a child than repair an adult. The extension of the lockdown by another two weeks is not cast in stone, it can be reduced. The reduction is dependent on our compliance, which will result in no new discovery. If within the next one week, there are no new cases; the government will gladly call-off the lockdown. Strict compliance is expected; we should be an advocate reaching out to our friends and loved ones, on the need to cooperate with the government.

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I just beg people to understand the severity and the seriousness of this virus, our people are saying palliatives must be provided, which is essential, it’s not just about us, it’s about everyone around us. You don’t want to experience the damaging effect of the virus; America lost twelve thousand souls in a week, that’s colossal, catastrophic and disastrous. No one will wish that for an enemy, everyone needs to observe the lockdown in order to avoid lockdown of lives.
The NPIs: Maintain a clean environment, wash your hands regularly, and disinfect switches, railings, doors, fridges, and freezers handles. Use handkerchief or tissue while sneezing or coughing. Let’s do what’s in our power to do and leave the rest to God. In case you’ve come in contact with a confirmed coronavirus case or you’re experiencing the symptoms- fever, cough or difficulty breathing contact the relevant agency immediately.
Stay safe.

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