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How To Make A Face Shield Right In The Comfort Of Your Home (VIDEO)

The 2019 elections was rife with new vocabulary; the word ‘Inconclusive’ was right at the tip of the tongues of ever Dick and Harry; it became the new street parlance as jokes and comic relief were birthed which utilized ‘Inconclusive’ as a theme.

The novel coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic has done the same. The locked-down population is constantly bombarded with words like ‘PPE’, face masks, protection for frontline physicians and so on.

While it is no longer news that ‘Hazard Allowance’ for doctors in Nigeria is 5,000 naira, the absence of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) has caused some doctors to abscond their duty posts. Popular television series like Grey’s Anatomy, ER and Dr House have painted ideas of the ideal medical practice setting which is lacking in our environment. Also, security personnel who should exemplify leadership are stationed at multiple check points but I find it unsettling that most do not apply any form of protection even though in Nigeria, protection like ‘Otumokpo’ and ‘Odeshi’ are quite invisible. Who knows if that is their recourse!

One type of PPEs used in settings of epidemics of this magnitude include Face Shields. A face shield is a protective device used for the face. A face shield could be rectangular or semi-circular in shape.

Face shields are used when there is a risk of exposure to the virus. A face shield complements the function of a face mask.

You can make a face shield right in the comfort of your home without having to step out. You don’t need to buy or sew any items especially with the full lockdown.

All the items needed are:

  1. Empty bottle
  2. Ruler
  3. Scissors
  4. Some disposable gloves
  5. Cotton wool
  6. Hand sanitizer
  7. Cardboard paper
  8. Punch/perforator
  9. Twine, old cable/wire
  10. Seal-o-tape
  11. Methylated spirit


  1. Sanitize your hands
  2. Create the foundation or base of the shield by cutting off the top and bottom of the bottle. Next is the split what you have in your hands from the top to the bottom to the top.
  3. Create the cushion. To make that, stuff cotton wool into the digits of the gloves. Split up the digits using the scissors. Align and ensure the length is approximately the length of the shield
  4. Measure the length of the shield on the cardboard paper and apply unto the top edge of the shield. Secure it firmly with a seal-o-tape of glue
  5. Puncture holes on the right and left side of the shield, just below the point where the cardboard paper ends
  6. Apply the stuffed glove digits on the edge with the cardboard paper and secure firmly with seal-o-tape of super glue. Cut off any off shoots
  7. Insert the twine/wire/cable into one the holes and fasten
  8. Wipe the shield entirely with methylated spirit.

Watch video below;

Stay safe guys.

Source: Doctor Dileem

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