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SAFEtagious 2020: Child Safety ‘Can’t Wait, Won’t Wait’ As Professionals Dwell On Emerging Issues

In the midst of the ravaging Coronavirus pandemic, SAFEtagious, a leading yearly child and school safety event convened by Ike Aigbogun-Osho (aka Professor Ike, founder of Safe Schools) has been held.

The event tagged “Can’t Wait, Won’t Wait” was the focus of over 5,000 Safety Professionals, parents and schools who converged over the weekend to watch and discuss child safety issues virtually.

HSENations learnt that the event had 9 speakers from the UK and Nigeria, speaking on key safety issues that affect the school environment, the female child, youth, staff and school mental health and school safety.

Speaking at the event, Temitope Olajide, a parenting coach emphasized that Parents in the Digital age can no longer say ‘do as I say’ but rather ‘do as I do’; as children are watching and parents must lead them by practicing what they preach and leading by example.

Similarly, Olajumoke Oritsegbone, a Mental Health Nurse and Life Coach identified the need for early intervention and life coaching to help safeguard the mental health of our youths.

Steve Waters, a renowned wellbeing specialist working with schools in the UK to improve staff wellbeing also shared some insights into how school owners can start caring for staff wellbeing while Engr. Jamiu Badmos, a renowned safety expert and Executive Director of Safety Advocates and Empowerment Foundation spoke on ‘Safety in Schools: Go Hard or Go Home’, a presentation that emphasized key areas of focus in school safety and why it was imperative for Proprietors to start putting those measure in place.

In her own presentation, Professor Ike, the convener of the event, addressed mental health but focused on stigma and discrimination and how schools can use 3 tools – climate, culture and collaboration to create mentally healthy schools.

According to her, how staff and students perceive the leadership and culture of speaking up and getting support when you do, impacts greatly on their ability to support others and be supported.

“Collaboration and understanding between schools and families, mental health organizations, emergency response teams, guidance counselors and other relevant stakeholders, will help schools find that balance they need and also provide help to those whose mental health are at risk.”, She said.

The event also featured presentations from Funmi Adegbola, CEO of Combined Training Solutions and IOSH West Africa Consultant; Charmaine Ceisa, a UK-based Risk Manager and many others.

Speaking to HSENations, Professor Ike emphasized that SAFEtagious succeeds in bringing families and schools together for the purpose of child and school safety.

“These two groups are the key stakeholders in a child’s life and they must work in unity to achieve their common goal of raising a total child – one that is safe, healthy, confident, competent and feels/is secure.”, She added.

“With SAFEtagious, we are bridging the gap between parents and school leaders, and putting a stop to their long-standing friction as they now understand they have no choice but to work together.”

All presentations and the live and highly fun and interactive Q & A session which lasted nearly 90 minutes are available for purchase. You can choose to access them online or get a USB flash drive posted out to you if you’re in Nigeria. Please visit www.safetagious.com/product/all-access.

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