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Confession Of A Safety Professional: How I Got A Job Through Linkedin

I had been eyeing this startup for a while. I loved the way they worked. I was especially impressed by the CEO, a smart and adventurous man with multiple investments globally. I really wanted to work with him!.

So, I wrote a simple but insightful LinkedIn post about safety issues commonly found in the industry that business belonged to and tagged some top guys within the industry- including that CEO. Then, I waited.

A week later, I got a LinkedIn message from him saying how he liked my post! I thanked him…but didn’t stop there. I told him, ‘I can help you.’ He replied, ‘How?’

That started a conversation, which led to a phone call and an invitation to present my proposal for improvement. 2 weeks later, I received a good offer and accepted it. Yes!

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So, LinkedIn works. I’ve got 2 jobs via this platform so far. Stay active- write quality posts and comments, and make strategic connections. Be bold enough to send smart private messages but don’t be a pest.

By the way, within a couple of months, the accident rate dropped by half and I got a promotion.💪 However, operations stalled after key changes in govt policy. Now, I’m eager to start a new chapter and I’m open to opportunities. Kindly check my profile if interested!

Anthony Igbinosun is a master’s degree holder in HSE with 8 years of valuable experience in construction, Transportation, and Water Management. His principal skills include risk management, auditing, incident investigation, competent management, and cost minimization.

He was the Safety, Compliance and Process Manager, Gokada.

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