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Relevancy Of Education Online Tutors Amid Post COVID-19 Era

I currently run an online program at the USW in UK. The initial stage was a bit tough and tasking being my first time at such.


The volume of materials to read, the time and cost (logistics & tuition) are enormous. However, due to the flexibility of the program, accessibility to course materials without constraint, no worry of not finishing in due time due to strike or other issues, gave me joy that made me settled in fast.

Although, social isolation is a major disadvantage my tutors were always ready and capable to support me through every step.

Due to this global COVID – 19 pandemic, online school (e-learning) is no longer a novelty. It is rapidly changing the entire school system even in developing countries. As a teacher how do you fit in when schools finally reopen? Can you boldly boast of your capabilities as far as online (e-learning) learning is concerned? What skill(s) have you acquired to fit into the shoes of an online tutor?

The Pandemic has opened our eyes to the inevitable. I see a traditional teacher leaving for the online tutor to take over. I see the “know it all” teacher learning from a “learning coach (Co – learner)”. I see the “unapproachable” teacher stylishly leaving the classroom for the “cheerleading” teacher.

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Teaching will not go the conventional way anymore after COVID-19 because learners now realized everything they need to know is online! If so, teachers are encouraged and challenged to get ready to be a tour guide, Learning coach, cheerleader, Valve control, Co- learner and a Mirror to their students.

Now that learners are fully exploring online learning options, their teachers too need to be online. Self-development is crucial if you must be relevant after COVID-19. Take a course(s) free or not.

Check Coursera or Udemy for relevant courses for teachers. Develop your presentation skill, fine-tune your computer usage skill and also develop analytical thinking.

I encourage School owners to strategically invest in training their staff (they indirectly make or mar the standard of the school). Group training, in – house training, book reviews, and acquisition of tech skills will go a long way to build the teachers and attract desired parents after COVID-19.

Contact Dolapo Jenrola at to go through this journey of self-development with you and your school.



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