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Lagos Unveils Phased-Reopening Of School Programme But…

The Lagos State Government on Friday unveiled its phased re-opening of schools programme with a directive to students in transitional classes, who have mandatory public exams ahead of them, to resume for revision classes and their examinations on August 3.

Lagos Unveils Phased-Reopening Of School Programme But...

The programme, announced on Friday by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, is in line with the updated guidelines issued last Monday by the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the easing of lockdown.

Under the guidelines issued by Sanwo-Olu on Friday, the affected students are to come from home.

Meanwhile, boarding remains banned in schools.

The Governor said only students in Senior Secondary School Three (SSS 3) and their counterparts in Technical Study Three (TEC 3) would be allowed to resume on August 3.

The dates for the revision classes and examination for pupils in Junior Secondary School Three (JSS 3) will be announced in due course, according to him.

The Governor said Primary Six pupils would be graded based on their already recorded Continuous Assessment (CA) to move to secondary school.

Sanwo-Olu said: “Students in transitional classes, who have mandatory public exams ahead of them, are now permitted to resume for revision classes and examination.

“All education establishments are to follow established public health guidelines and protocol for re-opening the schools for these categories of students.

“The commencement date for this opening will be on August 3, 2020, for SSS 3 and TEC 3 students only.

“Dates for JSS 3 schools’ re-opening for revision classes and examinations will be announced in due course.

“The permission to opening will apply only to day-schooling; boarding activities are not permitted at this time.


“School Authorities are expected to spend the period between now and the day of re-opening to put in place infrastructure, protocols and essential items required to comply with all hygiene, safety and physical distancing requirements.

“Our tertiary institutions are to continue their online academic activities which are at various advanced stages.

“For Primary Six, we are using Continuous Assessment to determine how they graduate into JSS 1. We are doing this to slow down risk factors and manage the situation in measure.”

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