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COVID-19 Hit Me Like A Truck, Survivor Recounts Experience

Ifedayo Durosinmi-Etti a survivor of the coronavirus disease, recounts her experience with the highly contagious infection, says COVID19 is real and it hit her like a truck. 

Ifedayo Durosinmi-Etti Shares Her COVID-19 Hit Me Like A Truck, Survivor Recounts Experience
COVID-19 Hit Me Like A Truck, Survivor Recounts Experience

Ifedayo who HSENations understands is the second Managing Partner at AGS Tribe said;

“COVID19 is real and it hit me like a truck but I am thankful for healing.

June tested my existence. On the 1st of June, I woke up in s0000 much pain! It started with headaches first, then body pains. I went into the hospital and I was diagnosed of bacterial infection.

I was restless, in pain, I was then admitted. All the meds/injections they gave me didn’t work. I was discharged but

I went back on Friday and Saturday to complain that I wasn’t getting better… at this point, I couldn’t really talk again. It felt like I had 3 safety pins in my throat and the inner part of my neck was sewn together.

Then a doctor randomly said I should just try to get tested for COVID since nothing was working, she then gave me a number to one of the centers on the island. I called them, till date, they didn’t get back to me.


I got tested with the Rapid Antigen test and I was POSITIVE! My life flashed before my eyes….


My self isolation started. Anytime I took Methodex, it felt like I was drinking fire! I was porging uncontrollably. I was in excruciating pain.

On the 15th, I went to NIMR to do another test, I was still positive. Finally, on the 27th, I was tested negative and I’m just here to thank God and you all know that COVID19 is BLOODY REAL! Stay SAFE!”

Meanwhile, HSENations reports that Nigeria’s total confirmed cases of coronavirus have risen to twenty-eight thousand, seven hundred and eleven (28,711) with eleven thousand, six hundred and sixty-six (11,665) people discharged and six hundred and forty-five (645) deaths recorded so far.

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