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Ladipo Market Inferno: How A Pot Of Noodles Allegedly Incurred Loss Worth Millions

Noodles are cheap and simple to cook. No one would have thought that such a harmless diet could play a part in what will result in a multimillion naira loss at Ladipo Market in Mushin, Lagos State.

Fire outbreak in Mushin
Ruins of the burnt building.

The loss was a result of the fire that gutted a building with many shops, where upholstery and leather materials used to make chairs, mattresses were sold.

At about some minutes to one p.m., John Bosco Ladipo was preparing to meet a customer who traveled from Ibadan to his shop.

Little did he know that the same customer will call him five minutes later to inform him that his shop’s building was on fire.

He had no idea that when he gets to his shop, bystanders will later explain to him that the fire that nearly destroyed his goods was caused by someone who was only cooking noodles.

He was faced with reality. He got to his shop posthaste. But luckily for him, though the entire building was on fire, his shop, a part of the building, was still drowning in flames.

He was able to open his shops like many other traders in the building, to safely cart out most of his goods.

Millions of Naira turns into Ashes

In a chat with Ladipo, his fate and of many traders who were able to save their goods was not the same with a man who was living too far away to save his goods from his locked shop before it was razed completely by the fire.

Ladipo said, “There were other shops that burnt down. I know of a man, he lives at Ejigbo, he was not able to come quickly to Ejigbo with his keys. So, everything in his shop got burnt totally. Nothing was saved”

“We were not able to break his door. People could only save open shops. Nobody had time to break locks, as they were trying to save their goods”.

He added that “goods worth 4 million naira got burnt”.

Fire outbreak in Mushin
The ruins.

Questions on Source of Fire

Chika Henry, a resident of Ladipo Street, Mushin Bustop, where the fire accident occurred, told HSENations that “The fire was caused by one of the neighbors.”

“She forgot she was cooking and left the food on fire for a long time till the fire escalated into one of the shops were foams were packed”.

“The burning became serious and went out of control”.

There was a little tweak in Ladipo’s narration of the cause. He recalled that he was told, “someone was cooking indomie, the stove caught fire and the person kicked the stove near a foam”.

However, a Punch Report on Saturday, where an official statement of the Lagos State Emergency Agency (LASEMA) Spokesperson, Nosa Okunbor was cited.

In Nosa’s word, the government officials are yet to ascertain the cause of the inferno.

Some Goods Were Removable, But the Fire was Unstoppable.

Based on the account Ladipo gave, some traders were lucky to remove their product from the building while it was still in flames. He also opined that there were several attempts by the area boys to quench the fire. However, efforts proved abortive.

Ignorance & Savage Attitude of Residents and Late Emergency Response

Ladipo recalled that in a bid to quench the fire, residents were using ordinary water. He said this escalated the fire even more.

HSENations recalls that Safety and Fire Experts like the Surveillant boss, Jumade warned against using ordinary water to quench a raging fire.

It was learned that there was a clash between the area boys and the fire servicemen. The former reportedly tried teaching the fire service men what to do and grappling for the hosepipe in their hands.

Ladipo also said that “it took a while before fire service intervened…it took up to an hour before the first (of two) fire service truck arrived.”

LRU Demolishes the Burnt building.

In a bid to ensure that the fire does not escalate to adjoining buildings, the LASEMA Response Unit (LRU), completely demolished the ruins of the building, according to Chika Henry.

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