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What Do Physicians say about Dr. Stella’s Claim from a Safety Purview?

Dr. Stella’s emphatic statement on the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in curing COVID-19 sparked a wide range of public discourse in the past few days.

Dr. Stella in the company of other frontline doctors
Dr. Stella Immanuel in the company of other ‘front-line doctors’

Measuring on a public safety scale, Nigerian Medical Practitioners, Dr. Adeola Eko, and Dr. Willams Adeosun told HSENations in separate interviews that Dr. Stella’s chloroquine claim has no scientific weight to make it stand.

Recall that Houston based Pastor-Doctor, Stella Immanuel, said, in the company of doctors who called themselves “front-line doctors”, that she had treated over 350 patients with hydroxychloroquine and could confirm its potency to prevent and treat COVID-19.

“She’s Seeking Unnecessary Attention…” — Adeosun 

Adeosun Williams, a medical doctor based in Abuja, feels the action of Dr. Stella defies medical and scientific standards. He adjudged that her claims should have undergone a process that scientifically ascertains its potency.

According to him, “What she did, if you would ask me, I will want to look at it as a way of seeking unnecessary attention.”

“I wouldn’t want to say unnecessary action, though. She probably has done some good. However, it doesn’t justify that act.”

“Medicine as a profession is a science body, and what we do as doctors is to treat patients with guidelines”.

“There is nothing new in medicine, it takes just guidelines…”

“[COVID-19] is a new virus, as much as different trial and error, as medicine works sometimes… you need scientific proof to ascertain some certain things.”

“Fine, she might have come out to say that hydroxychloroquine works, which might have some atom of truth, but still you need beyond reasonable doubt a clinical trial”.


“Why do we want to inflict the people with Chloroquine?”— Adeola

Physician Adeola Eko opined that she perceives Dr. Stella’s action as being politically motivated. She also said a drug that has not been scientifically proven does not guarantee the safety of people health-wise, but would rather be an infliction.

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“I don’t know her motive. But I think they are politically motivated as anything. It is not the drug that has been proven scientifically to fight against COVID. So why do we want to inflict people with Chloroquine?” She said.

Chloroquine: The way to go?

There are several contentions over why a drug that has existed for years is suddenly considered unsafe for people.

However, Dr. Adeola said, “Chloroquine is dangerous for people who have heart diseases.”

“It has a lot of side effects and when you are going to use the drug, you tend to weigh what the side effects are versus the benefit you get from it.”

“If you have had a heart defect or disease, it is not a very good drug to use.”

“And it has not been scientifically proven to work for COVID-19,”

“So, I am of the school of thought, that if there is no scientific evidence to support [it], there is no point in using chloroquine”.

Advice to Dr. Stella

Dr. Williams who thinks there may be an iota of truth in what she says advice Dr. Stella that “she should set up, get funds and go on with a clinical trial. That will solidify her point”.


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