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Government’s Stand on Face Masks is the Smartest Decision — Nigerian Doctor.

A medical practitioner in Nigeria, Dr Adeola Eko has opined that Government made a smart move by mandating the usage of Face Mask, though it falls under PPE in the Hierarchy of Control.

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PPE is an acronym for Personal Protective Equipment; it is the last of 5 steps in an inverted pyramid-style Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Hierarchy of Control.

In HSE, Hierarchy of Control is considered a system that the industry hinge upon to minimize or eliminate exposure to hazards. Face Mask falls under the fifth and last key pillar, PPE, what HSE experts consider to be the least effective in controlling hazards.

However, Dr Eko disagreed with the theory, she said: “In the hierarchy of control, PPE is usually the last thing that you will want to use but Corona Virus is a Novel Virus”.

“It’s never been heard. The only thing they find effective so far is keeping a safe distance from people so that you are not exposed to the virus directly…”

She furthered, “PPE is usually the last in the hierarchy of control but this is a public health matter. If people use PPE, it is your personal protection, but it also protects another person”.

“For the government to mandate the use of something that is personal, it is because it stops the spread from you and stops the spread to somebody else.

“If you have it, you stop the spread to somebody else. It limits the spread of the virus’.

She added that “…mandating it is just to ensure that everybody knows that they take personal responsibility for being as safe as possible”.

“It is within the government’s purview to do that. The smartest thing that they have done so far is to mandate people to wear it”, she said.

She advised that “when Government come up with a solution to a public health issue, it is something that we need to listen to carefully and follow the direction given by Government”.


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