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Age-Induced Male Sexual Health Challenges

Sex is an important part of life. For many men, thinking about sex starts early, often before puberty, and lasts until their final days on earth.

After his 30th birthday, a man’s sexual abilities begin to decline. After age 40, a number of men begin to experience some degree of erectile dysfunction. After his 50th birthday, a man begins to roll faster down the hill of declining sexual performance. He begins to take serious notice. A question then crosses his mind is: why is this happening?

The answer to this question is one word: TESTOSTERONE.


Testosterone, an anabolic androgen steroid, is the primary male sex hormone secreted by a man’s testicles. It is responsible for the development of a man’s sexual characteristics as well as his sexuality. It is responsible for the development of the penis, testes, prostate, deep male voice, broad shoulders, Adam’s apple, facial and body hair growth, increase in bone and muscle mass, etc. It also determines the sex drive or libido, penile erection and sperm quality, etc. of men, among other things.

The testosterone level in a male continues to remain stable at high, optimal levels from childhood until age 30, after which it begins to, naturally, reduce. Regardless of his health and social status, this gradual decline continues at the rate of at least one percentage point per each year that the man continues to live on planet earth.

This natural testosterone level decline in his body automatically causes a decline in the man’s sexuality : sex drive, semen count, ability to last long during a sexual encounter, etc. This testosterone level’s gradual decline also results in the gradual reduction of the man’s bone and muscle mass.

Faced with this challenge, a number of men resort to the ingestion of chemical drugs such as viagra, cialis, levitra, stendra, etc. Some even opt for surgical procedures such as skin patches, penile implants, vascular reconstruction, etc.

In as much as these medical approaches may achieve the desired results, the results so achieved often come along with negative short and/ or long – term side effects.

In the first place, all chemical drugs ingested into the human body have negative long term side effects. Secondly, not only are those surgeries quite expensive, a number of them have turned out to produce negative, unintended consequences, including outright death.

In contrast to the medical approach, there are natural techniques and herbal recipes that can effectively tackle and resolve, without any negative short or long-term side effects or operational risk, this basic challenge which every man MUST face as he grows older.

Men are advised to seek out and employ these natural techniques and herbal remedies, in order to overcome this age-induced male challenge.

This alternative approach is safer than resorting to chemical drugs, which have proven negative long-term side effects or undergoing risky and expensive surgical procedures.

Note that the above content was compiled from different sources.

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