Legal Metrology Will Protect Public Safety, Other Things — Ministry

The Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment has said that the enlightenment initiative on legal metrology will provide protection for public safety, environment and consumers.

Legal Metrology Will Protect Public Safety, Other Things — Ministry

HSENations gathered that the legal metrology enlightenment initiative is developed in preparation for the gradual reopening of businesses in post COVID-19 era.

The report shows the initiative was introduced in a workshop held in Calabar on Friday with the theme: ‘The effects of weights and measures regulatory activities during COVID-19, and how to restore confidence in trade’.

According to NAN, “metrology is the study of science of measurement in order to instill confidence of parties in business transactions”.

In his lecture, Mr Ogheneruemu Okerhe, Assistant Director, Department of Weights and Measures in the Ministry, said that in any transaction where equipment was used to deliver service, his department has the responsibility to protect the interest of the consumer by ensuring that such equipment operated within the limits of the law.

He opined that “Legal metrology, which we are trying to ensure, provides protection for public safety, environment, consumers and helps in the enhancement of fairness and accuracy in trade.

“Some of our responsibilities include testing and verification of all measuring instruments that are put into use for all trade and issuance of certificate of verification for all measuring instruments that have been tested and certified fit for trade,” he said.

He stated that legal metrology remains important in trade and everyday lives as it boosts confidence in the market place while also protecting the consumers.

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