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Six Dangerous Jobs You Must Never Compromise Their Safety Need

We could be earning the same amount of money, but that doesn’t imply that we put on the same level of energy. When you earn money than your brother, it also does not mean that you’re more of a hard worker. There are people who engage in tough and dangerous jobs to earn money.

Since we all know that life can never be a friend of lady Justitia, moving on has always been the best way forward. Moving on to carry on with what destiny bring on– like dangerous jobs.

Dreams of a man are wilder than all the achievement of Jeff Bezos. If wishes were horses, the heart of man would have unleashed its concealed will of making the billionaire man their hostler, even with all his riches.

No one would have chosen to be under the sun and no one will want the air conditioner to blow cool air on our heads while we battle with figures on office furniture, we’d all rather prefer that it meets us in bed, with credit alerts gently interrupting the sleep once in a while.

But it’s not like that. Man must work for man to chop.

That’s why we work. Hustle for all jobs that can pay the cost of our want and need. In return, we give our power, energy, creativity and innovation. But there is an unpopular cost we pay to get paid— our health.

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The simplest of the job of sitting down all day has its health disadvantage, what then to say about the tough jobs?

I consider the tough jobs the dangerous jobs because of the high level of energy and physical power it requires. The introduction of high-powered technical machines, as much as it makes work easier and faster, produces the same effect in causing permanent disabilities to people and cutting their lives short.

The good news is that Healthy, Safety and Environment (HSE) industry is thriving and there are now laws to protect the lives of workers.

Every man has the right to life— a long, peaceful one. Not one that will be cut short in your bid to get daily bread. The Government, Regulatory bodies of Occupational HSE, Law and various NGO are playing their part, you have a role to play. This is your script. After reading, get on stage and ACT!

The following jobs are those that I strongly advise you to consider to know if you have what it takes to do it; if you feel you are capable, also check to know if the employers are following safety guidelines and providing you with safety equipment:

1) Building Construction Jobs: Major construction requires heavy machines, rods, pillars and materials of all kind. It is not only for you to know how to operate the machines or carry the heavy building materials, but you must also be safety conscious, knowing that little things could lead to big things—like death.

Hence, be sure that your employer is providing you with a helmet, placing danger signages where it is needed. And please, never be a part of “you can do it”, without proper orientation or training.

2) Manufacturing Factory jobs: Apart from the chemicals’ side effect, these kinds of job pose an ugly death threat at all times. These kind of job are one of the toughest you would see. And tough men are those that you will see doing it. You can do it too, but it’s more dangerous than you think. If your employer is enlisting you among the long-list of menial workers without proper orientation and insurance package, RUN!

You can’t dose off on this job, the powerful machines still can’t smell the difference between natural raw material and human parts, so they sever, mix whatever comes in like they’ve been programmed to do. Meanwhile, if blood gushes, nothing changes with them— they are programmed with no emotions.

You sure can do this job too but never compromise safety standards. No matter how desperate you are, be sure to double-check if the organization you will provide this service to, assures you of safety.

3) Electrical Jobs: Electrical jobs are not the ones you’d want to give a try without adequate knowledge. Those red, green, white, blue signs have their meanings. If you or your employer are not ready to comply with safety guidelines and you are not getting the necessary equipment for safety, back down! Those wire may look harmless, but they make the scariest burnt offerings.

4) Roofers: Roofers are always off the ground. They hang on to one thing or the other joining things to cover up a building. A fall could lead to death and permanent bodily injuries. It is very important to use the right equipment, never compromising safety standards.

5) Tree- cutters: Tree Cutting is another dangerous job. A faulty machine or neglect of best safety practice could lead to death.

6) Waste/Recyclable Pickers: It’s not only the stress of moving what has been collected, but other dangerous factors could lead to severe damages, like unprotected exposure.

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