Safety Tips & Equipment That Will Protect Your House From Fire

Today, building a standard house in Nigeria will cost you several hundreds of thousand; and that’s a modest guess. A fully furnished house cost not less than several millions of naira, excluding land cost. Unfortunately, hundreds of these houses are razed by fire every month.

Safety Tips & Equipment That Will Protect Your House From Fire
A scene of a house on fire

People celebrate house warming in Nigeria and Many parts of Africa because acquiring one in your name is not a child’s play. It is, in fact, a heroic feat. Have you now ever wondered how hurtful it will be to stand and watch a house you spent a fortune on to be razed completely by fire?

Words will never be able to describe that feeling. It is so true that material wealths cannot be compared to life, but at moment of such pitiable tragedy, a feeling of distraught will overwhelm you and unconsciously, you will question the whole essence of life and being.

It is not hard to guess that currently there is moment of mono-drama in your mind and you are repeatedly saying “God forbid. I reject such tragedy for me and my family”. Well, the good news is that God will forbid, but you need to carry out your civil responsibility to ensure safety in time of emergency. It is a strategy of watching, as you pray.

You would be surprised that a multi-million building can completely be ruined by a fire that started from as little as a burnt-out candle to an electrical explosion. All that a fire needs is oxygen, heat and fuel; when it has the three, it is ready to do anything that is called harm.

Only in 2020, several thousands of properties have been razed in infernos. And there are several causes for that, including Road accident, oil pipeline explosion, gas plant explosion and many more.

So many home fires that result from cooking, heating, electrical explosion and smoking materials are also on the rising side. Sadly more cases will still be recorded if people don’t take personal responsibility of keeping their home safe from the undesirable impact of an inferno.

If you sure follow these tips, together we can reduce the impact of inferno in the destruction of properties. These tips are in two parts before you complete your building and after moving into the house:

Before Completing Your Building

#Tip 1

  • Never Use Quack Electricians


Poor electrical installations incur electrical hazards. Hence, you and your family will be at the risk of fire, electric shocks, electrocutions, burn and even a complete loss of the house (due to the impact of the fire). Ensure your electrician is able to design a plan that shows the installation process, the paths of the wire and where the breaker box will be located.

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Ensure to take note of the number of outlets and switches that run on one voltage circuit. Also, ensure the installation a breaker, let there be separate circuit for your wiring sets.

#Tip 2

  • Never Compromise On the Quality of Materials.

If you bargain a low unreasonable price with an electrician and he agrees, be sure that the consequences will tell on the materials he will buy to do the electrical installation of your houses.

Take time to go to the market to inquire from experts, the best wires used for residential homes. Double-check what your electrician tries to install as well.

#Tip 3

  • Don’t be involved in the illegal tapping of Electricity.

Not following the proper channel to acquire a rightful source of electricity will expose your home to the danger of fire. Better to be out of light than to have a razed home.

After Completing Your Building

#Tip 4

  • Install Fire Alarms/ Smoke Detector

This equipment helps you and your family to be aware of any danger of fire attack. A smoke detector, when it detects an unusual smoke, it rings an alarm to afford you the opportunities to keep your family safe and quickly combat the fire source. The same thing for Fire Alarms.

For best installation of Fire Alarms/ Smoke Detector: Click Here

#Tip 5

  • Buy a fire extinguisher.

Never underestimate the power of having a fire extinguisher that has not expired and has the best quality. It’s a quick first aid to kill the fire and to prevent it from growing into a huge Inferno. There is a need to be sure that the quality of your extinguisher is not compromised, and keep in mind that you can’t test them. Also, know that not all fire extinguishers do not work the same way, some might be inappropriate for your house design.

Click here to get professional advice on the type of fire extinguisher to purchase.

#Tip 6

  • Acquire Fire Escape Ladders.

When you are not trapped in a fire you are able to salvage response to save your house. Hence, it is important to have an escape ladder if your house is a storey building.

#Tip 7

  • Keep The Fire Incidents Emergency Codes in Mind.

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