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Lawmakers Worry Over Trailer-Involved Accidents Rate

A committee on Transportation in the Lagos State house of assembly has expressed worry over the high number of trailer-involved accidents in the state.

Lawmakers Worry Over Trailer-Involved Accidents Count

Hon. Temitope Adewale, Chairman of the Committe, told pressmen that the state’s hallowed chamber is considering investing on waterways to move containers with barges to Ikorodu, Epe and Badagry.

The Honourable representing Ifako Ijaye Constituency I said, “It bothers us when we have accidents involving trucks and tankers in the state, making us to lose lives unnecessarily.

“Containers falling off the trailers and killing innocent people cannot continue in the state. These things bother us and there is the need for us to work on them.

“One of the initiatives that the House is proposing to the executive is to have a situation whereby containers are moved with barges to the three divisions in the state; Ikorodu, Epe and Badagry by water.

“So, by investing in the waterways, containers will be moved on barges from Apapa to Ikorodu, Badagry and Epe.

“We will not give access to heavy-duty trucks to ply our roads, or come to the metropolis when they can just pick them up from these areas.”

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