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Hybrid Group: Champion Of ‘Everything Safety’

“Everything Safety”. The phrase is the motto of Hybrid Group. And that’s not bragging. The 10 years old institution is arguably what they portray themselves as — a one-stop-shop for learning everything you need to know about Safety.

Hybrid Group
Hybrid Group, Lagos Head Office.

Hybrid group is, undoubtedly, one of the leading Health, Safety and Environment Consulting and Training Firm in Nigeria.

When the company celebrated its first decade anniversary in August 2020, one of the executives recounted how the organization has trained over 100,000 safety professionals on internationally accredited courses like NEBOSH, IOSH, ISO, PMI, AOSH, DGM, ISACA IT Security and PRINCE2.

Placing that which seemingly looks like a goal side by side with interesting figures of professionals raised by Hybrid Group, you would agree that the organization is at the forefront of the quest to achieve a safety need in Africa and all over the world.

Hybrid Group @ 10
(L-R) Gbenga Ajayi, Director Operation; Remi Omolade, Director HR/Finance; and Dapo Omolade, CEO at the 10th anniversary of Hybrid Group.

Everybody certainly wants to go to work and live without the fear of losing their lives to the products of technological advancement that the world is witnessing. Bringing that will to fruition requires the safety industry of the nation to thrive and to be championed by competent professionals.

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It is commendable how the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Dapo Omolade and his management team are bringing Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) knowledge to the people in Nigeria and Ghana with offices in Lagos, Accra, Ibadan, Portharcourt, Ilorin, Warri, Abuja and Kano

Hybrid Group, Ghana Office
Hybrid Group, Ghana Office

And it is even more remarkable that the company continues to actively advocate safety awareness to the common men on the street by involving itself in the development of HSE Training curriculum and contents for Primary, Secondary, Tertiary & Vocational institutions.

Hybrid has also been playing a deeper role of ensuring the publication of HSE literature and Technical Articles that are helping researchers to find ways, learn and relearn on how to further reshape the safety industry and bring the world closer to the collective safety goal.

Dapo Omolade never wastes time to narrate how they built the company in a society where the safety narrative is largely unpopular.
Like a shred of evidence to that, Dapo was quoted saying, during the 10th anniversary of the organization, that the “[the company faced] anxiety, unpredictable business landscape changing fortunes of economic instability in Government and Economic policies, inadequate infrastructures and our unique but very barely yet unknown product and services and many more”.

Dapo Omoade, CEO Hybrid Group
Dapo Omolade, CEO of Hybrid Group.

A decade later since the time of its inception, you don’t doubt a loyal relationship the company has had over the years with its core values.
The company’s mission is “to utilize competence and industry through education, empowerment and innovative solutions in ensuring safe, healthy and equality development of stakeholders at the most effective cost while upholding best practices and international standards”.

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It is, therefore, no surprise that Hybrid Group has a teeming number of subsidiaries including Hybrid-HSE limited, Hybrid-DGM Ghana Limited, DGM Supports Ghana Limited, Hybrid Training & Consulting Company the UK, Hybrid Leasing Services Limited, Hybrid Training and Knowledge Centre and Petreoshybrid Services & Solutions Limited.

Dapo said all the brands are “dedicated to the prevention of human & assets losses and promotion of positive occupational health, safety, security, environment and project management through provision of training, certifications, solutions & support services”.
With 20 national and international awards hanging on their shelves and loads of accreditation from the likes of Institute of Safety and Health (IOSH), NEBOSH, AoFA Qualifications etc., Hybrid provides a ray that will sure power the brightness of the future of safety with their style of breeding professionals to get ready for it.

It is also very commendable how Hybrid Group supports and sponsor initiatives and events that have the goal of promoting safety, one of which is the Africa Safety Award For Excellence (AfriSAFE).

Afrisafe 2020 ad

Hybrid Group’s head office is located at No.25, Church Street, Off Salvation Road, Opebi Ikeja, Lagos and can be reached via +234 (1) 2954556 or

To know more about Hybrid please visit

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