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Institute Of Occupational Safety & Health: The Old Man Of Relevance

The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health is the chartered body and largest membership organization for the different calibres of Safety Professionals. But it is no fib to say there are several organizations that are large but paradoxically providing values that do not corroborate with that status — that’s not the case for IOSH.

“Welcome to IOSH” Signage

IOSH is the Old Man of Relevance. The organization has been around since 1945; contemporary youth will call a man born in that year “an old hag” today. IOSH may be old in terms of existence but definitely not ‘an old hag’.

Every day that counts in this 2020, especially amidst this current COVID-19 pandemic, underscores the significance of IOSH’s existence. And you’d probably need no soothsayer to let it know that the future will only get brighter with more relevance for IOSH as workplace safety agitation continues to gather flames and momentum day after day.

Over the past 75 years, IOSH has spread its wings across the 130 countries, having the back of more than 45,000 members across these countries, supporting them with everything concerning safety knowledge and doing its own part in shaping the desired future of Health and Safety.

Pictures from the IOSH Hub
Picture from the IOSH Hub

Arguably, what set IOSH apart from the rest of safety organization IOSH is its quite obvious knack of professional excellence in workplace safety and health.
Talking of the calibre of Safety Professionals who are members under the aegis of IOSH, it is worthy of note that they do not exclude students, regardless of the age, sex or courses.

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IOSH deserves an accolade for how it makes the safety profession looks much like a beautiful bride to take in for those looking for a career to major on. It is also commendable that it helps young professional become veterans and giving the veterans the network to thrive on the international stage.

Being a member of IOSH qualifies you for mouthwatering and career-forward-shifting opportunities that include: IOSH Benevolent Fund m, Career hub, Mentoring Scheme, Webinars, Student member bursary, exclusive information and networking. That is just laudable.
Recently, IOSH launched in Africa. In its event at the commercial hub of Nigeria, Lagos, it kicked off the #NoTimeToLose Campaign, advocating against occupational cancer globally.

IOSH Chief Executive, Bev Messinger
IOSH Chief Executive, Bev Messinger

Hence for IOSH, it is not only about training people on vast arrays of courses, creating awareness, certifying people but also advocating as the case may be and investing hugely on researches like the one with the University of Nottingham on “Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace: A feasibility study”, helping to make rational decisions when making policies that relate to workplace safety.

You can say “the future of work safety is secured with IOSH” without doubting in any way. Their commitment to safety has been shown in their several actions and activities; the latest is their deep involvement in the biggest safety award in Africa— AfriSAFE.

IOSH’s Headquarter is in the UK. They can be contacted via +44 (0) 1662573100 and or
Visit their website:

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