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Safe Schools: Setting Safety Standards In Schools

The foundation of a child matters a lot because it is during the childhood age that he learns some of the things that will become a part of him when Adulthood comes knocking.

Safe Schools Intl

If you expose a child to destructive acts in his foundational years, it will only be a matter of time before you would realise how rowdy a child you have raised. It won’t be a different case if you take a child through the nitty-gritty of safety compliance in his early years. Remember GIGO– Garbage In, Garbage Out?

A child lives safety as a culture when it’s shown to him as a way of life. Hence, as we all scramble as a nation to drive safety awareness and compliance in other to mitigate the wreck caused on lives and properties daily, all agents that help a child socialize and to adapt to his society need to shoulder the responsibility of driving safety knowledge to his head at every given opportunity.

One of those agents that will be instrumental in achieving that is School. You can safety guess that was what dawned on Professor Ike Aigbogun before she decided to start Safe Schools to serve as a brand that provides safety education to children in schools.

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With efforts and initiatives like Safetagious (an event that purposes to bring schools and families together, for child and school safety), Safe Schools records a milestone of reaching no less than 5,000 educators every month. That’s good news!

Professor Ike Aigbogun
Professor Ike Aigbogun

Good news in the sense that Safe Schools is teaching those who will be the “leaders” when tomorrow comes, to prioritize safety and subsequently save fortunes and ensure sustainability.

Safe School has helped, and sure will continue helping school heads, administrators and owners to create a safe and healthy learning and work environment. They offer advisory roles, safety training, and assess the safety strategies or policies of schools.

As a company reputed for Integrity, Innovation and Affordability as core values, Safe Schools is now a “household name and the go-to and leading provider of school safety services in Nigeria and other cities/countries”.

Meanwhile, Safe Schools is a proud supporter of the Africa Safety Award For Excellence (AfriSAFE).

They can be reached via +234 803 8833 654, +44 786 792 1276 or send mail to

AfriSAFE 2020

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