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LAGFERRY Speaks On The Only Solution To Lagos Traffic

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Lagos State Ferry Services (LAGFERRY) AbdoulBaq Ladi Balogun has revealed the only solution to traffic in the state.

Ladi Balogun at the conferment of the Fellowship Member of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN) on him said waterway transportation is the only solution to the gridlock in Lagos.

He said with more people being ferried across water to their destinations at a shorter time, it would help decongest the roads.

LAGFERRY MD said Lagos, as the ‘State of aquatic splendor’, is being surrounded by about thirteen lagoons and major rivers, notable among which are Lagos, Lekki, Yewa, Badagry, Ologe, Iyagbe, Kuramo, Apese, Epe and Mahin lagoons, all being fed by several rivers like Ogun, Ona/Ibu, Oshun, Shasha and Oni rivers.

Balogun explained that every part of the state and all five of its administrative divisions were accessible via its waterways which boasted of over thirty jetties, and a long history of water travel, especially as means of commuting goods and imported merchandise to hinterland areas of the state.

“Not only are our boats safe and spacious, they are also fitted with states of the art technology like built-in WiFi systems, on board entertainment systems, phone charging ports and trackers systems to ensure the safety of lives and properties,”, Balogun said.

However, Balogun said he was elated to have received the Fellowship membership of  NIMN, while enjoining all Lagosians to imbibe that culture of using waterways on daily basis.

Prior to the conferment of the award, Balogun became an associate member in 2004 and rose steadily through studies and practices to full Membership status in 2008.


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