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Causes of Road Accidents In 2020 (I)

By: Smart Olawale
There are more than many to save, including lives when we prioritize our safety.

Cause of Road Accidents In 2020

We leapt into a new year, away from a leap year ‘2020’. After everything that went down in 2020, no one deserves to be left out from basking in the euphoria of the festive season.

Nevertheless, at this same time, we should try as much as possible to reflect on the past events of 2020, so lessons that will set the ground for a ‘prosperous’ new year can be drawn.

Earlier, HSENations reported that between January and September 2020 no less than 24,968 persons were involved in road crashes across the country. It is so sad that about 3689 persons died; that is the same thing as saying that 3689 families were thrown into mourning.

Among those 3689 persons that died, we will undoubtedly find breadwinners, mothers of babies, newly wedded bride or groom, the only child of some parents, just to mention a few. Sad!

Must we have people dying now and then? Must the fear of “going out, never returning” lingers on? Well, for me, I would give that the loudest NO!

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There are more than many to save, including lives when we prioritize our safety. Only a living man enjoys the bounties of a prosperous year. Hence, live to live another day by staying safe.

It would be sad for you to know that the causes of most of the road deaths in 2020 are preventable. The topical ones are:

1) Speed Violation: The major cause of all accidents in 2020 between January and September is attributed to overspeeding. Before now, we all know that excessive speeding makes it hard, if not impossible, for drivers to respond quickly to road emergencies. A wrong move while speeding very fast can cause harmless objects placed on roads to enhance road safety to play a great role in increasing the fatality chances of accidents.

Why would anyone be speeding so high, knowing the amount of risk involved? Well, it may be over assumption to think that people know the risk… Don’t we also know the impact of overconfidence on the side of drivers and alcohol intoxication?

(To be continued)


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