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Pedestrian Safety Tips: Walking On The Road? See Five Tips To Avoid Accident

By: Smart Olawale
…while the body panel of a car can be repaired, a damaged human part will never remain what it was.
Pedestrian Safety Tips
A female pedestrian using the crosswalk.

Pedestrian Safety Tips? Yes.

Don’t ever think that only cars and bikes get involved in fatal accidents, innocent ill-luck pedestrians, many times, have had their own taste of it too.

The sadder news is that most of the victims of such ugly incident do not always live to recount the bitterness.

It is twice more dangerous for a car to hit an unsuspecting pedestrian than it is when a car hits a car. We have seen cases where motorists cheat death, walking out of their damaged vehicles injury-free, leaving the car body panel to bear the scars.

That is not the case for pedestrians though, because while the body panel of a car can be repaired, a damaged human part will never remain what it was.

We have compiled some safety tips that will help you stay safe while walking on the road:

1) Focus, No Distraction
Pedestrian accidents are common, but it sure preventable. There are several tips that would help you prevent the accident. Chief of which is focusing on your destination and your environment.

A study conducted in the U.S in 2017 showed that Cell Phones caused 70,000 road accidents a year; that is because many road walkers and drivers are of the habit of checking, or even pressing, their phones while on the road.

Pedestrians who want to stay safe while walking on the road must ensure to do away with the habit of engaging with phones incessantly.

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It is not limited to that alone. Walking on the road and brooding over issues that are not about your safety shouldn’t be your habit either.

Be observant, know what is going on around you; Also, avoid distraction by focusing on your safety first.

Pedestrian Safety Tips
Illustration on how to face oncoming traffic.

2) Face oncoming Traffic
According to one of the top FRSC official in Nigeria, it is safer to always walk on the left side of the road. This is because you get to see the cars coming towards you. It is not ideal to walk backing approaching vehicles.

The reason is that you will have an ample opportunity to run for shelter in case an overspeeding vehicle loses control and heads your way.

3) Even With Traffic Lights, Be Cautious
Don’t always assume that all drivers abide by traffic rules. When you are trying to cross at a time when the traffic light turns red double check to be sure no car is moving towards you. In fact, before you cross try to make eye contact with drivers that stopped for the red lights before you cross in front of them.

4) Wear reflective cloth and carry light at night
As a pedestrian, you must understand that drivers, sometimes, do not always see what is ahead, especially at night. At times too, careless drivers make vehicles without car bulbs hit the road; for your safety, wear clothes that help a driver spotlight you even in thick darkness.

If the cloth thing doesn’t work for you then ensure you hold torchlight; the light from it sends signals to the driver to take extra caution.

5) Use the crosswalk, the pedestrian bridge or the sidewalks
It’s safer to follow the crosswalk, the pedestrian bridge or sidewalks even if it means the sacrifice of walking some few more feet.

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