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Major causes of workplace injury and possible solutions

Major causes of workplace injury and possible solutions

Work place injury is one of the most common issue of concern for any industry, apart from the danger it posses on the health of the employees, it also reduce the work flow rate.

An Employee who is injured can not perform his or her function properly. A little tear in the arm may lead to serious side effect in the body as each individual have different reactions to body tear and wear.

Today we will be discussing the most common causes of workplace injuries and how they can be avoided to the nearest minimum.

1. Overexertion and bodily reaction.

Body movements and reactions such as physical effort directed to wards an external source can cause this e.g lifting, pushing ,throwing , holding and carrying. Also repetition of certain activities that stresses the body part can also be found under this.

Employees should be cautious and sensitive when carrying and lifting substance, the use of machine such as lifter is advised in situation where substance to be carried is profoundly heavy.

Activities that stresses body part should be reduced to the nearest minimum for Employees.

2. Slips, trips and falls.

This safety issues is broadly versatile in reaction to employee’s body and reaction maybe instantly felt or not.

-Slips and trips without falling: Injuries occurring when a worker was able to hold him/herself from falling due to slip or trip
-Falling on the same level: This happens when a worker trips, slips or fall while sitting, and falling onto or against object on the same level.
-Falling to a lower level: This happens when a worker falls from a collapsing structure, falling through surfaces, and falling from ladders, roofs, scaffolding or other structures
Jumping to a lower level: Different from falls because they are controlled and voluntary.

Major causes of workplace injury and possible solutions
Major causes of workplace injury and possible solutions

At every moment of operation, worker should be sensitive to any effect of falls, slip and trips.

They should be taken care of with immediate action to avoid worsening the situation.

3.Contact with objects and equipment
There is almost no employee, who one way or the other will not have contact with equipment while working, so this is a critical major cause of injury in workplace.
– moving object striking a worker
– worker striking against an object or equipment, including bumping into, stepping on, kicking, or being pushed or thrown onto an object
-Part of a worker’s body being squeezed, pinched, compressed, or crushed in equipment, between shifting objects, between stationary objects, or in a wire or rope.


A worker getting struck, caught, or crushed in collapsing structure, equipment, or material
A worker getting injured as a result of friction or pressure between the person and the source of injury
A worker getting injured from vibration.

Employees should be sensitive at all time to all type of injury so as to treat them immediately.

Workplace injury can be detrimental or controllable depending on how the organization and the employees decide to handle the situation.

The most important solution at all time to workplace injury is everyone paying attention and staying sensitive to happenings around them while working.



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