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Lagos Safety Commission

The Lagos State Safety Commission (LSSC) has achieved a significant milestone that is poised to reshape the landscape of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) professions. With the approval of the circular for the creation of the Occupational Safety Officer Cadre and Executive Officer (Occupational Safety) Cadre, Lagos State sets a new precedent in enhancing workplace safety and fostering a culture of health and security.

A Breakthrough in Occupational Safety

In a resounding victory for the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) sector, the Lagos State Safety Commission (LSSC) has secured a monumental accomplishment by gaining approval for the creation of the Occupational Safety Officer Cadre and Executive Officer (Occupational Safety) Cadre. This critical development is a testament to Lagos State’s unwavering commitment to fostering workplace safety and cultivating a culture of health and security.

A Salute to Visionaries: Hailing the Lagos Safety Commission and DG

A resounding applause resounds in recognition of the Lagos State Safety Commission (LSSC) and its exceptional Director-General, Lanre Mojola. The foresight demonstrated by the commission and the leadership of DG Lanre Mojola in championing the creation of these groundbreaking cadres is truly commendable. Their unwavering dedication and commitment to enhancing occupational safety and health standards in Lagos State have paved the way for this significant stride towards a safer future.

The Genesis of Transformation: NCE 43rd Meeting

The journey towards this groundbreaking achievement traces back to the 43rd Meeting of the National Council of Establishments (NCE) held in January 2022. This pivotal gathering took place at the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja, where discussions centered on the imperative need for a Safety Officer’s Cadre and its Sub-Cadre within the Public Service. This strategic dialogue laid the foundation for the revolutionary steps taken by Lagos State to reshape its safety landscape.

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The Eminence of Approval: Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu’s Decision

At the helm of this transformation stands Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, the Governor of Lagos State. With a visionary outlook and an acute understanding of the importance of workplace safety, Governor Sanwo-Olu has extended his gracious approval for the establishment of the new cadres in the State Public Service. This resolute decision showcases the governor’s dedication to elevating the safety standards within the state’s workforce.

Key Implications and Benefits:

  1. Competence Enhancement: The creation of these cadres signifies a concerted effort towards enhancing the competency levels of professionals within the OSH/HSE field. By setting educational prerequisites, such as requiring a Bachelor of Science degree or National Diploma in relevant disciplines, the initiative ensures a pool of qualified experts to drive safety measures across diverse sectors.

  2. Boosting Agency Capacity: The new cadres contribute to bolstering the capabilities and capacity of the relevant agencies. With dedicated officers specializing in OSH, the state gains a team of experts committed to upholding safety standards and implementing effective protocols.

  3. Employment Opportunities: The creation of these cadres not only raises the profile of OSH/HSE professions but also generates new employment opportunities for individuals with the required qualifications. As a result, the state contributes to reducing unemployment while prioritizing workplace safety.

  4. Structural Reinforcement: The establishment of these cadres prompts the development of robust safety management systems and structures. Organizations will benefit from a more systematic approach to safety, minimizing risks and accidents.

  5. Visibility of Compliance: The presence of specialized OSH officers increases the visibility of OSH compliance and standards. Their role involves monitoring and ensuring adherence to safety regulations, fostering a safer work environment.

  6. Cultivating Safety Culture: By embedding OSH professionals within various levels of the workforce, the state takes a significant step towards cultivating an improved safety culture. This culture shift encourages employees to prioritize safety in all their activities, leading to a reduction in workplace accidents.

 A Triumph for Safety Advocates

The celebration of this monumental achievement resonates deeply within the OSH/HSE community and extends to the broader public. Hybrid Group Limited and Dapo Omolade Empowerment (DOME) Initiative express their joy and commend the Lagos State Government for spearheading the creation of safer workplaces in Nigeria. This milestone not only elevates the status of OSH professionals but also reinforces Lagos State’s commitment to building a secure and prosperous society.

Annex: The Framework of Occupational Safety Cadres

The structure of the Occupational Safety Cadre is outlined as follows:

A. Occupational Safety Officer Cadre:

  1. Occupational Safety Officer II (Grade Level 08)

  2. Occupational Safety Officer II (Grade Level 09)

  3. Senior Occupational Safety Officer (Grade Level 10)

  4. Principal Occupational Safety Officer (Grade Level 12)

  5. Assistant Chief Occupational Safety Officer (Grade Level 13)

  6. Chief Occupational Safety Officer (Grade Level 14 and 15)

  7. Assistant Director (Occupational Safety)

  8. Deputy Director (Occupational Safety) (Grade Level 16)

  9. Director (Occupational Safety) (Grade Level 17)

B. Executive Officer (Occupational Safety) Cadre:

  1. Assistant Executive Officer (Grade Level 06)

  2. Executive Officer (Grade Level 07)

  3. Higher Executive Officer (Grade Level 08)

  4. Senior Executive Officer (Grade Level 09)

  5. Principal Executive Officer II (Grade Level 10)

  6. Principal Executive Officer I (Grade Level 12)

  7. Assistant Chief Executive Officer (Grade Level 13 and 14)

  8. Chief Executive Officer (Grade Level 15)

Moving Forward: A Safer Tomorrow

The circular’s approval marks a turning point in Lagos State’s commitment to the welfare of its citizens. As these cadres become operational, the state is poised to set a benchmark for occupational safety across the nation. It is imperative that the directives outlined in this circular are acknowledged by all stakeholders and communicated widely to ensure a seamless transition into this new era of enhanced safety standards.

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