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Dapo Omolade, CEO of Hybrid Group and Founder of Dome Initiative, cited a knowledge gap as the underlying cause for the lack of compliance with safety protocols among Nigerians.

Expressing concern over the insufficient number of safety professionals, Omolade emphasized the urgent need for more individuals to address this disparity.

He addressed the issue during the TSD 3.0 graduation ceremony held in Lagos, an event coordinated by the Dome Initiative in collaboration with the Hybrid Group.

Dapo Omolade, CEO of Hybrid Group
Dapo Omolade, CEO of Hybrid Group


He further mentioned that the nine graduates, having completed their six-month HSE-Technical Skills Development (TSD) Programme, would play a role in addressing these gaps. He added that the program was an intensive undertaking segmented into five phases.

“This program commenced several years back with the sole aim of augmenting the knowledge base of health and safety among Nigerians. The lack of safety awareness in Nigeria stems from this knowledge gap. Few individuals comprehend safety practices, and there’s a scarcity of safety professionals in the country.”


TSD 3.0 graduating set 
TSD 3.0 graduating set

“We identified this gap as a crucial area needing attention. Our strategy revolves around training these individuals to enter society and businesses, establishing safety systems to educate people on proper health and safety measures,” he stated.

Regarding the program structure, he mentioned it was divided into five parts. The initial phase focused on fundamental knowledge and principles, laying the foundation from scratch. Subsequently, they transitioned to the field for phase two, followed by returning to the office. Once completed, they engaged with industry experts. The final phase involved returning to the field to implement these learnings practically.

TSD 3.0 graduating set 
TSD 3.0 graduating set

Lucy Kokole, a graduate, also addressed the audience, stressing the need for safety professionals to educate Nigerians. She emphasized the necessity of imparting the understanding that safety is a lifestyle.

Kokole expressed that many individuals lack awareness of health and safety practices, highlighting the responsibility to educate them about its importance.

“Previously, I didn’t take safety seriously. However, after the training, I grasp the necessary actions to be taken consistently. As a safety professional, I’m committed to educating others.”

Femi Da-silva, CEO HSENations, Funmi Adegbola, CEO CTSGlobe and Dapo Omolade

In the meantime, Tayo Opatayo, a Human Resource Consultant, delivered a keynote urging graduates to adopt a global perspective, even while tackling local issues.

Dapo, Remi Omolade,  HR Director, Hybrid Group and Engr. Jamiu Badmos Founder QHSES Leadership Academy
Dapo, Remi Omolade, HR Director, Hybrid Group and Engr. Jamiu Badmos Founder QHSES Leadership Academy

He emphasized, “Your career holds global relevance, regardless of your location. Operating without a global mindset might lead to challenges with macroeconomic realities. It’s essential to broaden your thinking beyond Lagos and Nigeria.”

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