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Fire and Safety Week

In a bid to promote safety measures in the workplace, Lagos Free Zone organized a Fire and Safety Week in 2023. The week-long event was aimed at raising awareness about the importance of safety standards in workplaces and how it can prevent accidents from happening.

The event kicked off with an informative safety briefing by Mr. Wesley Isiavwe, who is a senior EHS manager. He emphasized the need to remain calm while exiting the building during a fire emergency. His informative session set the tone for the rest of the event.

During the opening ceremony, Mr. Binay Saraf, Director of Projects, highlighted the importance of creating world-class safety standards for a world-class free zone. He urged participants to embrace safety as a lifestyle and work towards preventing accidents.

Mr. Wesley provided an overview of the event which included knowledge-sharing, rallies, competitions, awards, and training sessions. Femi Da-Silva, CEO of HSENations, discussed the benefits of safety and the positive impact it has on organizations. He also talked about employers’ responsibilities and employees’ duties in maintaining safe working environments.

The closing remarks were given by Mr. Kumar Padala, General Manager of Internal construction, who thanked all participants for attending and encouraged them to take their learnings back to their respective workplaces. He reiterated the importance of safety in the workplace and the need for continuous training and awareness programs.

The Fire and Safety Week by Lagos Free Zone was a huge success, educating and raising awareness among participants about the significance of following safety measures in the workplace. The event served as a reminder that safety is a shared responsibility and everyone has a part to play in ensuring that workplaces remain safe for all.

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