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The Director General of Lagos State Safety Commission, Mr. Lanre Mojola, has emphasized the importance of safety consciousness among Lagosians, particularly hoteliers, by emphasizing individual responsibility. He made these remarks during the commencement of a two-day training session on hospitality safety.

The training, centered around the theme ‘Importance of Health and Safety in the Hospitality Sector,’ was jointly organized by the Ministry of Special Duties and Inter-Governmental Relations, Lagos State Safety Commission, and safety experts.

Mojola highlighted the significance of keeping hotel operators and owners updated with safety standards. He mentioned that the commission routinely conducts such training across various sectors including construction, food, oil & gas, hotels, and restaurants. Their main goal is to promote safety as a way of life within the state, and Lagos proudly stands at the forefront as the only state with a dedicated safety commission.

“Putting a value on life is impossible, once it’s lost, it’s gone,” Mojola emphasized, stressing the paramount importance of prioritizing safety.

The Director General further urged Lagosians to view safety as their personal responsibility and encouraged them to report any anomalies or unsafe practices in their surroundings by contacting the commission through emergency lines 767 or 112, or using the number 07000 SAFETY.

Mrs. Debbie Windele, the CEO of Safety Expert Ltd, also stressed the need for regular training of hoteliers and stakeholders on health and safety management. While acknowledging that most hoteliers perform well in this regard, she reiterated that continuous training is essential to maintain a high standard of safety across all hotels in Lagos State.

During the training, the significance of various personnel involved in hospitality health and safety, such as front desk officers, kitchen staff, and fire safety personnel, was highlighted. Mrs. Windele emphasized the crucial role of front desk workers as they are often the first to handle emergency situations.

In response to the safety initiatives taken by the government, safety advocate Jamiu Badmus commended the proactive measures adopted to ensure safety across the state. He called on safety professionals, advocates, and groups to unite in raising awareness independently and collectively, aiming to make every corner of the state safety-conscious.

The practical demonstration of fire control and quelling provided participants with valuable hands-on experience. Certificates were awarded to all participants upon completion of the training.

The recent emphasis on safety consciousness in Lagos State, particularly within the hospitality sector, is a commendable initiative led by the Lagos State Safety Commission. Mr. Lanre Mojola’s call for individual responsibility in ensuring safety highlights a crucial aspect of overall safety culture. In every walk of life, safety should never be taken lightly or compromised, and his words serve as a reminder that human life is invaluable.

Safety is a collective effort, and everyone has a role to play in maintaining a safe environment. Hoteliers, as well as other stakeholders, should continuously update their knowledge and adhere to safety standards to ensure the well-being of their guests and staff. Regular training and awareness programs, as advocated by Mrs. Debbie Windele, can significantly contribute to improving safety practices in the hospitality industry.

Furthermore, the engagement of safety advocates like Jamiu Badmus and various safety groups is essential to sustain awareness and encourage the adoption of safety measures at all levels. The active participation of citizens in reporting anomalies and unsafe practices showcases the power of individual vigilance in enhancing overall safety.

The Lagos State Safety Commission’s dedication to promoting safety as a lifestyle sets a positive example for other regions and reinforces the significance of governmental support in safeguarding the public. It is imperative that such initiatives continue to be sustained and expanded upon, with a focus on collaboration between government bodies, safety experts, and citizens.

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