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The Girl Child Sanitary Pad Initiative (TGCSPI), an NGO program, emerged from a passionate desire to alleviate period poverty among young girls in Nigeria. Founded by Mariam Adewole, it came about with the aim to bridge the gap in menstrual health care, this initiative has swiftly evolved and expanded its reach since its inception.

“When we started, our goal was to address the challenges faced by teenage girls due to limited access to sanitary pads,” Mariam Adewole shared. “I never anticipated how far we’d come in such a short time. Within just two months, we’ve reached approximately 140 girls through school visits and outreach efforts on the streets. Social media has been instrumental in amplifying our message, surpassing our initial expectations.”

TGCSPI’s impact on the girls it reaches has been profound. During a visit to SOS Children’s Village in Isolo, Lagos, the initiative provided 240 pads, eliciting an immediate appreciation message from the school. “Receiving that gratitude was truly inspiring and reinforced our commitment to doing more,” remarked the founder.

Integral to their programs is the incorporation of menstrual health education. “We utilize interactive sessions, especially in schools, where we demonstrate proper pad usage and disposal. This practical approach fosters a comfortable learning environment, encouraging girls to embrace hygiene practices during their periods,” explained the founder.

Currently, TGCSPI is gearing up for a program supporting 100 girls during the festive season. “We recognize that while families prepare for celebrations, essentials like sanitary pads might be overlooked. Our aim is to ensure these girls have access to menstrual hygiene products, alleviating their concerns during the holiday season,” shared the founder.

Regarding future visibility and awareness, the initiative is leveraging the digital era. “Social media has been pivotal. Sharing our activities through videos and pictures on various platforms has significantly increased our outreach,” noted the founder. “Additionally, attending events and networking with individuals across different fields has helped in expanding our network and spreading our cause.”

Recent Visits:

Image: Mr. Oshodi Lateef, Miss Mariam Adewole, and Mr. Kwalmi

November 8, 2023:
The Girl Child Sanitary Pad Initiative (TGCSPI) commenced its activities with a visit to the SOS Children’s Village in Isolo, Lagos State. The team, comprising I (Mariam Adewole) and Mr. Lateef Oshodi, were warmly received by Mr. Kwalmi, a school administrator. Although direct interaction with the children wasn’t possible during this visit, we donated a total of 15 packs, each containing 8 pieces of Surefeel sanitary pads. We pledged to return for another visit soon.

November 12, 2023:
A significant training session took place at Dominion City, Isolo, organized by the church I attend. Alongside Miss Susan Emmanuel, I had the opportunity to educate young girls on menstrual hygiene. Following the session, we distributed 12 packs of Surefeel Sanitary Pads to the attendees.

The beneficiaries

November 29, 2023:
Continuing our efforts, TGCSPI visited Isheri Grammar School in Ojodu Berger, Lagos State. Mr. Kazeem Adewole and Mrs. Ali facilitated our interaction with over 100 young girls at the school. Through training sessions and interactive discussions, we shared valuable insights on menstrual hygiene. As part of this visit, we distributed a substantial total of 80 packs of Surefeel Sanitary Pads among the students. A photo session marked this impactful event, and Mr. Lateef Oshodi and I conducted the presentation.

The Girl Child Sanitary Pad Initiative continues to advocate for menstrual health awareness and aims to create a brighter future for girls by ensuring their essential needs are met.

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