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Fire Extinguishers in Every Home

As the harmattan season approaches, the discussion around fire safety becomes more critical than ever. AssetBow Limited, a prominent fire safety consultancy firm, has emphasized the significance of maintaining and utilizing fire extinguishers effectively to combat fire incidents effectively. Addressing the press in Abuja, Mr. Virgil Akama, the Managing Director of AssetBow Limited, underscored the importance of this advice, particularly in light of the recurring fire emergencies during this season.

It’s crucial, Akama emphasized, to have strategically placed fire extinguishers and hydrants in residential spaces, workplaces, and areas of high human and economic activity. However, it’s not just about the presence of extinguishers; ensuring they are in proper working condition is equally imperative. Additionally, selecting the right fire extinguishers tailored to different types of fires is pivotal in effectively managing fire outbreaks.

The features of the harmattan season heighten the risk of ignition for combustible materials, making preventive measures indispensable. Akama highlighted various potential causes of fires, from poorly maintained electrical systems in markets to unattended open flames in homes due to cooking or burning waste.

To curtail fire incidents during the harmattan season, Akama suggested regular checks on electrical systems and appliances. Identifying and mitigating potential threats can significantly reduce the risk of fires.

In the larger scope of fire safety, Akama urged the government to spearhead awareness campaigns on fire prevention and safety within communities. Establishing and practicing emergency evacuation plans can ensure swift and organized responses to fire outbreaks, enhancing overall safety measures across the nation.

Moreover, there’s an urgent need to enforce adherence to building codes emphasizing the use of fire-resistant materials during construction. Combining these measures, Akama emphasized, could significantly mitigate the risk of fires during the harmattan season and bolster safety standards in markets and buildings nationwide.

This call for action isn’t just about preventing fires; it’s about safeguarding lives, livelihoods, and properties.

Governments need to take proactive steps, making it mandatory for every home to install and maintain fire extinguishers. This step could be a pivotal move towards a safer, more secure environment for all citizens, especially during seasons prone to fire emergencies.

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