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Lagos Hospital Elevator

Five months have passed since the heartbreaking loss of Dr. Vwaere Diaso in a tragic elevator accident at the General Hospital in Odan Lagos. This incident shook the medical community, yet the pressing issue of safety remains unaddressed.

In August 2023, Dr. Diaso’s life was cut short when an elevator malfunction led to a fatal fall from the 10th floor to the ground. Witnesses had previously reported concerns about the elevator’s condition, signaling a need for immediate action to prevent such a tragedy.

While measures were taken, including the dismissal of facility managers and the suspension of the General Manager of Lagos State Infrastructure and Asset Management Agency, the vital step of replacing the faulty elevator lingers incomplete. As a consequence, medical professionals residing in the hospital premises endure the inconvenience of using stairs due to this ongoing delay.

Despite assurances from Governor Sanwo-Olu and claims of repair contracts being awarded, visible progress in rectifying the situation is glaringly absent. This lack of tangible action perpetuates the perception of neglect and inaction.

The situation demands urgent attention. The prolonged delay in addressing this safety hazard poses a constant risk to the lives of medical staff and residents. We implore the authorities to prioritize this issue immediately, swiftly installing a new, safe elevator, and addressing any other safety concerns within the hospital.

Dr. Diaso’s tragic passing should serve as a poignant reminder of the critical need to prioritize the safety of healthcare workers and uphold the standards of properly maintained infrastructure in medical facilities.

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