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Foods you should avoid preparing with a Pressure Cooker



As the world advances each day, civilization has led to development of various and highly functional equipments in the food industry. While these machines helps to improve the taste, appearance and the texture of food, some of the cooking equipments also have certain dangerous effect on food and a lot of time they may lead to health decline when consumed often by the consumer.

This article will focus on certain food which are not safe to cook using the pressure cooker.


  1. Rice: a lot of people often feel it’s quicker and faster to cook rice with pressure cooker, this practice has been in existence for a while now. When you cook your rice with pressure cooker, it leads to formation and release of a chemical called acrylamide, a chemical which has been found to cause nervous system effects such as muscle weakness, numbness in hands and feet, sweating, unsteadiness, and clumsiness in people.



  1. Potatoes:

either sweet or Irish potato releases a starch called amylopectin and amylose. These starch are the nutritionally desirable nutrient present in potatoes. Cooking potatoes in a pressure cooker might destroy the starch and lead to release of other non desirable starch which is also not healthy for human health.

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  1. Fish: fish are good source of protein, a healthy source of condiment in our meal. While the protein in fish can be destroyed when using a pressure cooker, the most common effect is often in the taste of the fish. Cooking fish with pressure cooker affects the taste.


Foods you should avoid preparing with a Pressure Cooker
Foods you should avoid preparing with a Pressure Cooker
  1. Seafood: as a seafood lover you might be tempted to cook your shrimps, oysters, and clams with pressure cooker under some circumstances, like when you need to eat your breakfast in a hurry or prepare a seafood for your family with a little timing, while it might look good to do, seafoods are too delicate for the heat that pressure cooker generates; and this will lead to disaster in taste and spoilage of certain nutrients present.


  1. Dairy Based Diet: dairy-based diets are often not recommended to be cooked using pressure cooker as they can curdle, separate or clog together. Also, destruction of amino bonds may occur due to the high heat pressure cooker generates and finally may also destroy the nutrient present in the food since protein do not have excellent heat tolerance.


About 48 Million people are faced with food poisoning yearly, though most food poisoning are often caused by bacteria, fungus and parasites but some other time, our cooking methods might also lead to reactions which may cause formation of toxic substances from the body and pose us to health disaster.

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