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Public safety

The Global Awareness for Public Safety Foundation (GAPS) has issued a compelling appeal to the Federal Government of Nigeria, urging the reinvigoration and reactivation of public safety institutions.

Dr. Chuks Alozie, the Director-General of GAPS, conveyed this message during a courtesy visit to Rev. Yakubu Pam, the Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Christians Pilgrims Commission in Abuja.

GAPS, a non-governmental organization with a primary mission of educating the public on strategies to prevent and manage potential hazards within their communities, emphasized the critical importance of collaboration between government entities and stakeholders to revitalize all public safety institutions. The goal is to enhance the safety and well-being of Nigerian citizens.

Alozie emphasized that sustained public safety awareness plays a pivotal role in averting and mitigating threats to the safety and security of the public.

He underscored the responsibility of governments and institutions at all levels to safeguard the lives and interests of individuals within their jurisdictions, as well as organizations and institutions from potential risks.

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He further advocated for the reactivation of essential emergency services and first responders, encompassing law enforcement agencies, fire services, emergency medical services, as well as security and military forces. This, he argued, is crucial for ensuring efficient and effective service delivery in times of crisis.

Alozie also offered prayers for wisdom and discernment for the Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Christians Pilgrims Commission, Rev. Yakubu Pam, with the hope that the commission would be realigned to better serve the Christian community both within and beyond Nigeria.

In response, Rev. Yakubu Pam expressed gratitude to GAPS for advocating the reorientation of the commission and other relevant institutions to better fulfill their mandates. He assured the group of the commission’s eagerness to collaborate in order to raise public awareness regarding safety and related organizations.

This appeal by GAPS underscores the vital role that public safety institutions play in safeguarding the lives and property of Nigerian citizens. It highlights the need for collective efforts and partnership between governmental bodies and stakeholders to enhance public safety and well-being.

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