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Cases of losing lives of people to preventable death occurrences as a result of unpalatable response to emergencies have thrown the world and humanity into a state of monumental confusion! Emergency response and rescue agencies, humanitarian organizations (NGOs) are perturbed about the distasteful reality of negative outcomes of happenings.

Daily, there have been recorded cases of people losing their lives to motor vehicle accidents, accidental gunshots – inflicting intense and uncontrolled loss of blood and vital body fluid; occupational accidents such as, fall from height, fire accidents, the collapse of structures, just to mention a few.

The ineffable reality of this debacle has ignited thoughts across forums of health experts, emergency response agencies, HSE practitioners, and enthusiasts alike. Investigations and findings have not pointed too far away from the fact that the present generation has to be more orientationally aware of the emergency actions society and humanity have bestowed on us all.

New trends of social media activities and the habitual plague of using the mobile phone to capture emergency events to amass irrelevant social media contents instead of intervening with actions that would help reach out to appropriate emergency response operatives and offering timely first aid can also not be struck out from probable causes why victims give up the ghost before they can get adequate help.

Humanity is losing value for human lives and it’s key we retrace our steps to put this reality in sensible perspective. *How would anyone feel seeing their close relative languishing in excruciating pains gasping for survival and life?* I am beyond certain this is not an easy one to answer!

Families, communities, and the general society have been gaggling in clouds of mournful moments resulting in the untimely loss of loved ones. Work communities have had to lose a very competent and tested hand to the unimaginable demise of colleagues and the cycle goes endless.

About a few months ago, my entire work organization were casted in an agonizing state over the loss of a colleague. He closed for the day’s work and headed out for home as usual. He had only achieved walking less that a kilometer when a stray bike ran over him.

It was a very awful loss to the organization. While reaching out to his family, it was tough to learn that his wife just took in after 5 years of clamouring for a child. What an abject confusion for the young lady!

Findings eventually revealed that the young man was left lying helpless in the pool of his own blood without help. Men of the FRSC that I was opportuned to talk to lamented about the laxity and irresponsive attitude of pedestrians and vehicle users on the road at the time of the accident.

This calls for a change in orientation and perspective on how to respond to emergency situations. Our actions in the face of any kind of emergency will help save lives!

Let’s desist from reckless and impassive show of carelessness to accident victims in any kind of emergency.

Doing video recording instead of calling emergency response team to the rescue is sheer wickedness and meager mindedness.

Happy Independence day my fellow country men and brothers from same background. God bless Nigeria!

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