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Is safety pin really a safe safety alternative?

The safety pin is a variation of the regular pin which includes a simple spring mechanism and a clasp. The clasp forms a closed loop to properly fasten the pin to whatever it is applied to and covers the end of the pin to protect the user from the sharp point.


The origination of this pin for safety has been in existence since the 1900s, and which of course has been successfully used by both men and women.


Safety pin are used to fasten close loose edges of fabrics. They can also be used as an accessory in all kinds of jewelry including: earrings, chains, and wristbands. Sometimes they’re used to attach an embroidered patch. Nowadays safety pins are also used as another form of fashion for pregnant women based on ethical believes, that it does repel demonic spirit but is that really true!? A question science is yet to have an answer to?


Is safety pin a gendered based fashion Safety?

While safety pin is mainly used by men and women, they are also used in the office area in situations where there’s urgent needs. Safety pins has been worn visibly on clothing as a symbol of solidarity with victims of racist and xenophobic speeches and violence after the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom in 2016. Some commentators and activists derided the wearing of safety pins as “slacktivism,” while others argued it was useful when connected with others. Safety pins hold a value in certain cultures and traditions. In India, pins are kept over generations and passed down to daughters. Ukrainians use pins as a way to ward off evil spirits when attached to children’s clothing s. In other countries a safety pin is a form of good luck. But popular argument has supported and placed safety pin as a gender based fashion… You are likely to see a high number ratio of women who uses safety pin compared to men.

Is safety pin really a safe safety alternative?
Is safety pin really a safe safety alternative?

When it comes to safety and safety regulations and laws?

Due to their sizes, safety pin are often easily swallowed by children and this has shown as a danger object with usage around children. Research shows that because small children often swallowed them and open pins could be lodged dangerously in their throats, they were then refered to as “danger pins”.

Safety pins might not only be a danger to children but also adults.

Usage of safety pins often require immediate alertness and cautiousness of the user. People have had history of cuts, poke and pierce when not cautious of the safety pins and something might be a danger to a third-party when forgotten on a clothe.

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When considering this above-stated points, the questions remains – Is Safety pins a safe alternatives for children or adult?


Our opinion is such, these are necessarily not a safe safety alternatives for children or adult.

Nappy Pins

Other safety alternative option to use can also be fashionable. For babies race bib tape is likely a more reasonable option to use It safely secures the race bib, nappy or diaper pin which clip directly to your clothing. Other option for adult would be brooches or small fashion pin. This other alternative are effective and considered less of danger in comparison to safety pin.

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