Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

The Professionally minded head that carry a young person’s load for the sake of defining the right route for the younger Professional never take service for granted, because it’s a noble task he has decided to do for the sake of Professional posterity.

Thus, it would only be unfortunate if the same younger Professional whose load the person is carrying in order to define the right route that will uplift the Profession – begin to rather than follow closely to learn the political ropes that is required to achieve the set target; begin to condemn the effort then it is most unfortunate.

As many as are smiling to the Bank as a result of this crisis now should have a re-think. Rather than enjoying talk talk no action, better take a collective decision that will back the right Professional  Ideology that will diversify the coast for more Bank smiles than being only supporter of a marketer whose idea stops at what is over due for review and upgrade to meet current trends.

Collective interest is what Malgwi Yusuf leadership stand for and ISPON is no more owned by few founding fathers because we have grown to serve all Professionals’ interest.


While we appreciate the elders struggle from 1980 to 2014. I wish to make it clear that the collective mandate given at 2014 AGM was a clear appreciation to the founding fathers’ sacrifice and so eight out of thirteen had already supported a true and objective leadership.

While the remaining five are those whose  position is fanning this crisis. I am very hopeful that this crisis’s end is inview from the legal angle as it seems the five elders are not ready to talk peace and the LFI from it  will facilitate plugging the excesses for the new dawn and usher in a new era that will measure up with global trends.




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