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Kwara boat mishap; safety measures to take before travelling on water


A recent occurrence which has led to the loss of lives and kept many families in state of mourning, occured on the 13th of June 2023. A boat which was said to be transporting 270 passengers through the route of Egbu village, 36 were from Gakpan village and 4 from Kpada village in the Patigi Local Government were said to have been involved in the accident. As of today, it has been stated that about 103 people lost their lives with about 50 corpses being found by the response group.

In light with this, this article will focus on safety measures to consider before giving chances to water transportation.


  1. Avoid overloading: most times.

overloading is often the cause of all encountered water transportations. The boat definitely has a limit at which it can occupy a number of people, so the boat operator must learn to understand the need for balance, so the boat is not overloaded as this will help to maintain balance at each side of the both.

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  1. Make use of safety jackets.

The need for safety jacket must be emphasized at every region that practices water transportation. There’s always a probability of having water accident, but the use of life jackets can help the passenger stay afloat till the response group are available to collect victims to a safe abode for necessary treatments and more advice on excellent safety measures.

  1. Fill in the manifest

At every water transportation arena, there’s always a manifest log book where every individual boarding the boat is required to fill in their details so their family members can be contacted for immediate response should an emergency occur. It is also important to fill in the contact of a family member or a friend who is most likely to take up emergency calls seriously and speedily.

Kwara boat mishap; safety measures to take before travelling on water
Kwara boat mishap; safety measures to take before travelling on water
  1. Do not panic during emergency.

all forms of transportation can definitely lead to accident but the most important thing is not to panic. The state of fear and anxiety is often one of the reasons a lot of people lose their lives. So the need to stay calm on surviving is definitely the most important thing a passenger should pursue during a water transportation incident.


  1. Stay as a group once emergency.

occurs: when a boat is about to capsize, the best way to overcome fear is to hold hands with other passengers, don’t be alone. This is a great way to help with safety measures. Standing against gravity is possible when hands are joined together so everyone can stay afloat till a rescue group is available to help move the passengers out of water.

Water transportation is fast becoming the most used and easier means of transportation for people across the world. The government must also consider creating emergency and rescue teams in areas close to boat loadings, so it would be easier to reach an accident environment in a short period of time to help save passengers with immediate effects.

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