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Liquid Intelligent Technologies

Their combined presence signifies a commitment to not only elevating safety standards across Africa but also ensuring those standards are supported by a robust and reliable digital infrastructure.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, with its presence across 13 Eastern, Central, and Southern African countries, is a leader in connectivity, innovation, and intelligent technology.

Their core mission aligns perfectly with AfriSAFE’s goals: building a safer Africa for everyone.

Here’s how Liquid Intelligent Technologies can contribute to the AfriSAFE 2024 experience:

Their expertise in providing high-speed, reliable connectivity solutions can ensure seamless communicationThe prestigious AfriSAFE Award and Safety Congress 2024 welcomes a powerful new sponsor: Liquid Intelligent Technologies.

This collaboration brings together a leading continental safety solutions provider, SMTS Africa, with a well-established technology powerhouse, Liquid Intelligent Technologies. and data exchange throughout the event. This facilitates efficient information sharing and real-time updates, crucial for any safety summit.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ focus on innovation extends to intelligent technology solutions. This could potentially create a more interactive and engaging experience for attendees by incorporating virtual reality elements or other technological advancements into workshops or demonstrations.

Their commitment to future-focused innovation aligns with the ever-evolving landscape of safety practices. Liquid Intelligent Technologies might showcase emerging technologies like AI-powered safety monitoring systems or data analytics tools for proactive risk management at the event.

A Collaboration for a Safer Future

The inclusion of Liquid Intelligent Technologies as a sponsor strengthens AfriSAFE 2024 in several ways. This partnership demonstrates:

  • A Holistic Approach to Safety: By addressing both the human factor in safety practices and the crucial role of technology, AfriSAFE 2024 showcases a more comprehensive approach to safety management.
  • Leveraging Technology for Progress: With Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ participation, the event highlights the potential of technology to significantly enhance safety protocols across various industries in Africa.
  • Building a Connected Safety Community: AfriSAFE 2024, with its focus on collaboration, fosters the creation of a strong network of safety professionals across Africa. Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ connectivity solutions can further strengthen this network by facilitating ongoing communication and knowledge sharing even after the event.

About AFRISAFE 2024

AfriSAFE 2024, the premier platform for promoting safety and health initiatives across Africa, is set to take place in the picturesque country of Zambia. The event will highlight Zambia’s rich cultural heritage and natural wonders, providing an unparalleled backdrop for discussions and celebrations of safety excellence.

Supported by several organizations, including the Ministry of Tourism, Labour and Social Security of Zambia, AfriSAFE 2024 aims to recognize individuals and organizations committed to exemplary safety and health practices.

The AfriSAFE 2024 event will feature the Safety Congress on November 7th at the Radisson Blu Resort in Livingstone, Zambia, with networking opportunities, exhibitions of innovative HSE solutions, empowering workshops, and more. The Award Dinner will follow on November 8th at The Boma, Avani Victoria Falls Resort in Livingstone, Zambia.

The AfriSAFE 2024 Congress and Award Ceremony, headlined by Sponsor Zambia Sugar and endorsed by the Zambia Ministry of Labour and Social Security and Zambia Ministry of Tourism, is further strengthened by the support of Golden Africa Djibouti and the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

To nominate deserving candidates and organizations for AfriSAFE 2024, visit AfriSAFE Nomination

The nomination deadline has been extended by one week, providing additional time for recognizing outstanding safety and health contributions. Read more details on the extension

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