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The New Executive Members of ASSP Nigeria Chapter, Together with Esteemed Guests, Uniting for a Safer Future

The ASSP (American Society of Safety Professionals) Nigeria Chapter held its Handing Over Ceremony and Bimonthly Meeting on Jul 15, 2023, in Abuja. The event marked the transition of leadership as Zubair O. Fatima assumed office as the 16th President of the ASSP Nigeria Chapter. The occasion also celebrated the accomplishments of the outgoing executives led by Dr. Ogechi Ukandu during the 2022-2023 Chapter year. The theme for the Chapter Year was unveiled as “Living Safety,” emphasizing the importance of a collective commitment to safety practices.

Acceptance Speech by Zubair O. Fatima

Zubair O. Fatima expressed profound gratitude to the attendees and to Almighty God for the opportunity to serve as the 16th President of the ASSP Nigeria Chapter. Recognizing the significant role played by the outgoing executives and various committee members, Fatima thanked them for their exceptional leadership and dedication to the Chapter’s success.

The new President shared that her journey with ASSP was born out of a genuine love and passion for promoting safety in the world. She presented “Living Safety” as the theme for the Chapter Year, which would instill a sense of purpose, discipline, and professionalism in their operations.

She highlighted the importance of consolidating existing practice specialties and common interest groups while introducing a new interest group, the Blacks In Safety Excellence (BISE), to foster global advocacy for safety among diverse communities.

Fatima also promised to roll out various programs during the Chapter Year, including knowledge-sharing sessions, webinars, mentorship essays for primary and secondary schools, safety advocacy collaborations with key agencies, and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Chapter.

Passing the Baton from Dr. Ogechi Ukandu to Zubair O. Fatima - A New Chapter Begins for ASSP Nigeria Chapter
Passing the Baton from Dr. Ogechi Ukandu to Zubair O. Fatima – A New Chapter Begins for ASSP Nigeria Chapter

Chapter Year Plan – Goals and Objectives

The Chapter Year Plan outlined several goals and objectives that aimed to enhance safety practices and community outreach:

  1. Knowledge Sharing Sessions and Webinars: Conducting educational sessions and webinars to promote knowledge sharing and mentorship essays for primary and secondary school students.

  2. Safety Advocacy and Collaboration: Collaborating with key agencies to advocate for safety and promote Chapter growth, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  3. Community Outreach: Engaging in family-oriented safety programs and reaching out to various institutions, such as schools, IDP camps, orphanages, religious centers, correctional centers, and marketplaces, to spread awareness about health, safety, and environment (HSE) practices.

  4. Young Professionals Development: Providing networking opportunities for young safety professionals to explore career prospects in occupational safety and health (OSH) and recognizing outstanding volunteers.

  5. Celebrating Excellence: Celebrating workplace achievements, promotions, and milestones of Chapter members to foster a sense of appreciation and community support.

Committees for the Chapter Year

To effectively implement the Chapter Year Plan, the new President announced the formation of various committees, each responsible for specific areas of focus:

  1. Education and Training: Led by Dr. Ukandu and George, this committee would oversee educational initiatives and training programs.

  2. Professional Development Conference (PDC): Managed by Tolu Olubanwo, this committee would organize the PDC events.

  3. Awards: Under the leadership of George Olomi, this committee would be responsible for recognizing outstanding contributions and achievements.

  4. Media/Publicity: Headed by Femi Ayodeji, this committee would handle media and publicity-related matters.

  5. Fundraising and Relationship: Led by Charles Osuji, this committee would focus on fundraising efforts and fostering relationships with partners.

  6. Membership: Managed by FEK, this committee would oversee membership-related matters.

  7. Young Environmental Professionals (YEP): Co-led by Alexander Bulus and Chigozie Egbunefu, this committee would cater to the development of young professionals.

  8. Women in Safety Excellence (WISE): Co-led by Diseye Oba and Angela Ukponmwan, this committee would support women professionals in the field.

  9. Blacks In Safety Excellence (BISE): Headed by Daniel Osadiaye and Tolu Olubanwo, this newly established committee aimed to represent diverse voices in safety advocacy globally.

The New Executive Members of ASSP Nigeria Chapter, Together with Esteemed Guests, Uniting for a Safer Future

Farewell Address by Dr. Ogechi Ukandu

In her farewell address, the outgoing President, Dr. Ogechi Ukandu, expressed gratitude for the support received during their term. She acknowledged the Nomination/Election committee led by Alhaji Shehu Kabir for conducting a credible election to select the new Executive Committee.

Dr. Ukandu highlighted the Chapter’s achievements during their tenure, including advancements in human capacity development, professional certifications, PDC initiatives, and increased membership. She also thanked various individuals, PDC speakers, sponsors, and the new Region IX Area II Director, Mrs. Mercy Irefo, for their contributions to the Chapter’s success.

She concluded by urging the new Executive Committee and Chapter members to remain committed to the organization’s values and continue working towards creating solutions to support underserved areas.

The ASSP Handing Over Ceremony/Bimonthly Meeting in Abuja was a grand event that marked the beginning of a new chapter for the ASSP Nigeria Chapter. With the introduction of the “Living Safety” theme and the presentation of the Chapter Year Plan, the new Executive Committee under President Zubair O. Fatima is poised to make significant strides in promoting safety awareness, professional development, and community outreach. The commitment and passion demonstrated by the outgoing and incoming leadership are indicative of a vibrant and thriving ASSP Nigeria Chapter, primed to make a positive impact in the Region 9 and beyond.

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