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Victory Bernard

Aveteran safety expert and the Group Head, External Relations and Communication, OVH Energy, Dr. Gogomary Oyet, has said that the losses resulting from the 2010 Macondo fire disaster could be estimated to about 50 million dollars.

Gogomary Oyet said it included all that was spent on litigation, clean-up and other safety measures taken.

Oyet said this while given a presentationon the “Synopsis of Fire Prevention in the workplace” at the recent Lagos Fire Conference which held in Lagos on Tuesday.

“The fire incident that happened at Macondo, about 50million US dollar was lost for that incident interms of cleanup, litigation, and I’m sure if you check the current record it is more than that,” he said.

HSENations recalled that on April 20, 2010, Southeast of Venice, Louisiana, there was a sudden fire explosion which occurred on the oil rig of Macondo.

The incident resulted in the deaths of 11 workers leaving atleast 17 others injured, out of the 126 members on board.

The incident caused the biggest oil spill in the history of offshore drilling and affected the oil and gas industry worldwide.

Drawing lessons from the incident, Oyet said, “We wouldn’t ask for what happened when the incident has happened. What we are interested in is prevention.

“Every organization has their safety policy and part of the safety policy enshrined is that they owe the employees, customers, visitors duty of care in coming to the facilities and you live that facility safely.

“So the first thing is that proactiveness, training, awareness and ensuring that all that need to be done by this employee or worker is done.

He further said that measures must also be put in place to attend to after-math disasters if there is eventually an emergency.

“Now if you have identified hazards, and put control in place and hazards are still released, we have what we call recovery measures.

“Recovery measures include emergency response, attending to the victim immediately, ensuring that the person is in safe hands, using first aid at the station before taking the victim to  nearest hospital.

“It is important to know that every employer has the duty of care to protect their empoloyees, visitors, customers,” the oil and gas safety expert said.

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