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Workplace Safety no doubt has become a management function that must not be compromised in any workplace environment. One organization that has ensured this is LS-Scientific.

Workplace Safety no doubt has become a management function that must not be compromised in any workplace environment. One organization that has ensured this is LS-Scientific.

HSENations speaks with Mr. Olumurewa Odunjo, the Managing Director LS-Scientific, a laboratory firm providing Quality Control solutions in her industry as well as ensuring the safety of her clients. In this interview, he disclosed their safety process.


Can You Briefly Tell Us About Yourself?

My name is Olumurewa Odunjo and I am the managing director of LS-Scientific Limited a company based here in Nigeria with an office in the United Kingdom and operations in Ghana and other African countries.

Give Us An Insight into LS-Scientific?

LS-Scientific is a solution provider in the area of quality control. So,  if you are in the laboratory business, LS-Scientific is a company that you will require.

We are into supply of chemical consumables, equipment, lab furniture, design and construction, training, safety and professional protective equipment, calibration services, laboratory analysis and testing. Basically, we hope to maximize the operation scientifically, and we also help you as a manufacturer on end-users to optimize the quality of the product that you make.

Are Your Products Certified By The Relevant Agencies?

Yes, most of our products are certified for the Nigeria market. We have the SONCAP which is under the SON (STANDARD ORGANISATION OF NIGERIA ) we also have products that are certified in accordance with international standards.

As you know, the majority of the products are imported from our factories in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Spain.

What Safety Measures Have Been Put In Place At LS-Scientific?

Basically, safety is key for us at LS-Scientific because we deal with chemicals and we train our customers and staff on best practices of how to keep safe in handling various products. In our facilities, we have a fire system, regular training, and safety muster point in line with HSE rules. For every new customer and all existing customers that we supply, we carry out safety induction and also health care to understand the risk of hazards any equipment or product might pose. That means they are more aware and when you’re aware, you are able to prevent accident. Safety is very key for us, we cannot be in the chemical industry and not be safe. We take safety as the highest priority.

How Does This Products/Brand Fit Into The Nigeria System, Considering The Weather? 

Now the thing is that the countries that we deal with operate on the same voltage level as Nigeria and the same frequency level as Nigeria, so I think the equipment actually works seamlessly. When it comes to the weather our equipment are very rouged so we have a tolerance level of up to 60 degrees in the storm.

So am not sure there is anywhere in Nigeria that have 60 degrees in terms of temperature, but with respect to humility, we have a range of up to 85 to 90 degree and 90 percentage of humidity. But if we go to other regions in Nigeria that we feel the condition is now harsh we take a study first to know where to install the equipment take all the parameter and be sure that the equipment is able to fit in properly without any issues.

And if we suspect that the environment isn’t conducive, we advise the customer on the best solutions. The idea is not just to supply equipment, the idea is to supply the equipment that serves it’s purpose and serves both the use for the application and also last for a very long time

HSENation Understand LS-Scientific Has Been In Existence Since 2007, How will you Compare The Growth Here Nigeria And That Of UK?

Nigeria is a bigger market for us because the majority of our customers and end-users are based in Nigeria. So this is why we have a lot of investment in Nigeria. With respect to the launch of labs and building of capacities of training in Nigeria is a good thing we have 30 people working in Nigeria as LS-scientific staff, in the UK we just have 4 people. So the office in the UK is just a smaller entity because the majority of the work we do there is more of export and selling but in Nigeria, we focus more on the solution. Plainly speaking, when it comes to potential in terms of market, here we have Nigeria and when it comes to profitability and less risk, then the UK market.

Aside The Launching, What Other Thing Should Nigerians Be Looking Forward To In LS Scientific Limited?

LS Scientific is the only company in Nigeria today that has a full-blown laboratory facility able to sell chemicals, able to maintain and supply equipment and train people, we have 100% solutions within the scientific segment. So, if you are looking for a very complex instrument, LS Scientific is the best you need to speak to.

We also have as an offer the only company in this field that has been able to give you a check-in option where you can bring in your faulty instrument or equipment and get it exchanged for a brand new instrument which will save your company a lot of money. And at the same time, we also train customers for free and offer research brands for people doing research which means we can support your research if your program is for 18months. All these things put together has made LS-Scientific stand out as a company to go to for all your scientific need.

What products do you have for those in the core Safety Industry?

For safety people, we have a lot of safety solutions from the PPE, to gloves, to hair net, to respiratory protection to static boots, to the helmet. We do this because we want to increase the quality of the products as well as keep people safe because some of this processes are very dangerous and you have to be secured while doing it, from field boots to safety cabinet to chemical cabinet and all your hazardous chemicals among others.

These are the things we have. There’s room for safety experts who are interested in collaborating with us.

We can set a percentage discount in place that can be run ongoing for your company depending on the product line up for sell.

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