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Mental Health Mini Conference
  • Promoting Positive Mental Well-being in the Workplace: Mental Health Mini Conference

The relentless pace of modern life has brought mental health to the forefront of organizational concerns. In response to this pressing need, the upcoming Mental Health Mini Conference stands as a beacon of enlightenment and empowerment, beckoning leaders and professionals alike to delve into the intricacies of fostering positive mental well-being in the workplace.

Theme: Work-life Balance: Promoting Positive Mental Well-being in the Workplace

Date: May 25, 2024
Venue: LCCI, Ikeja (Hybrid Event)

Distinguished attendees, brace yourselves for an enriching journey as we explore pivotal topics essential for navigating the delicate landscape of mental health in professional settings.

This conference is honored to feature the esteemed presence of Adegoke Waliu Adeniyi, a seasoned NEBOSH-certified and ISO-qualified HSE professional with over a decade of experience across FMCG, manufacturing, chemical, and construction industries.

He’s expertise extends far and wide, excelling in aligning safety operations with project management standards, devising and implementing procedures for a safe environment, conducting risk assessments, and executing accident prevention programs.

Waliu’s presence adds immeasurable value to our conference, offering firsthand insights and wisdom garnered from years of dedicated service to the field.


Why Attend?

Knowledge Empowerment: Delve into comprehensive discussions on mental health issues and best practices, poised to elevate productivity and organizational effectiveness.

Interactive Workshops: Engage in dynamic workshops and discussions tailored to equip participants with practical strategies for enhancing mental well-being in the workplace.

Cultural Transformation: Gain valuable insights into cultivating a positive organizational culture that prioritizes the mental health and well-being of all employees.

Networking Opportunities: Forge meaningful connections with like-minded professionals and organizations committed to championing mental health advocacy in the workplace.


Key Topics Include:

The Workplace Dynamics: Understanding the nuances of organizational structures and their impact on mental well-being.

Behavioral Defense Mechanisms: Unraveling the intricacies of coping mechanisms and their implications for mental health resilience.

Combatting Anxiety and Burnout: Equipping individuals with strategies to mitigate stressors and foster resilience in high-pressure environments.

Unveiling Passion and Addiction: Navigating the fine line between passion-driven pursuits and detrimental addictive behaviors.

Confronting Depression and Languishing: Shedding light on the silent struggles of depression and the phenomenon of languishing in the workplace.

Managing Anger: Exploring the roots of anger and effective strategies for anger management in professional settings.

Suicide Prevention: Raising awareness and fostering a supportive environment for suicide prevention and intervention.

Mental Health First Aid: Empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge to provide initial support to those experiencing mental health challenges.

Relaxation Techniques: Introducing cognitive coping techniques and relaxation methods to promote well-being amidst the demands of a professional life.
Registration Details:

Secure your spot at this transformative event by registering today.

The registration fee has been reduced to N15,000 only, ensuring accessibility for all.

To register and make payment, visit here.

Additional Perk:

Free Mental Health Book: Each professional attendee will receive a complimentary copy of our comprehensive Mental Health Book, a valuable resource for ongoing personal and professional development.

Contact Information:

For further enquiries and assistance, please reach out to:

Phone: 07045497332
Email: [email protected]

Join us on May 25, 2024, as we embark on a journey towards unlocking mental wellness and cultivating a workplace environment where every individual can thrive. Together, let us pave the way for a brighter, more resilient future. See you there! 🔥


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