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  • Avoid Dichlorvos: NAFDAC Cautions Nigerians on Food Preservation Risks

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) issued a stern warning yesterday, urging Nigerians to avoid the dangerous practice of using harmful chemicals to preserve food items, highlighting significant health risks.

NAFDAC specifically called attention to the dangers of dichlorvos, a chemical frequently used by traders to prevent food spoilage.

The agency’s Director General, Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye, reiterated that the sale of small volumes of dichlorvos (100 ml or less), often sold under the brand name Sniper®, has been banned since 2019.

The sale of larger volumes (one liter) is restricted to certified agrochemical outlets.

Prof. Adeyeye underscored the severe toxicity of dichlorvos to human health, warning that its use can have fatal consequences.

She responded to a viral video showing individuals using dangerous chemicals to preserve food items like beans, stockfish, and crayfish, urging traders to stop using unauthorized chemicals on food meant for human consumption.

“The misuse of dichlorvos poses significant risks to human health, with both immediate and long-term consequences.

NAFDAC Cautions Nigerians
NAFDAC Cautions Nigerians on Food Preservation Risks

Prolonged exposure can lead to serious health issues, including developmental abnormalities in children, memory loss, reduced fertility, and potential cancer risks,” she stated.

These adverse effects underscore the importance of following safety guidelines to reduce the risks associated with dichlorvos exposure. Prof. Adeyeye also recommended alternative methods for preserving food, such as the use of bio-pesticides, which are safer compared to dichlorvos.

She noted that if food remains unspoiled for an extended period, it might indicate pesticide contamination rather than freshness unless it is properly stored in a refrigerator. This practice not only compromises food safety but also endangers public health.

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