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Let me appreciate God for the wonderful journey He has taken us through the year 2022 which ended 31st December 2022. No doubt the year has been very challenging for the safety and security of the Nation.

The year 2023 is going to be a year of peace and added value for the safety professionals and practitioners. We look back on a year that has undoubtedly presented new challenges and demands on businesses in a variety of ways, but at the same time, delivered new opportunities and solutions especially in the past two years of covid-19

Success in the current crisis is based on an optimistic attitude, which often requires the Governing Board to accept the challenges around them and to live on the idea of Continuous Improvement. Creating and maintaining a Continuous Improvement culture while growing the business of safety in parallel have become the requirements to survive and thrive.


While the end of the year can be a time for reflection, it can also bring renewed energy and hope for the year ahead. With this in mind, we wish you and your families a successful and fulfilling New Year with Pure Improvement! We are grateful for your trust in the Institute and look forward to continue supporting you on peaceful resolutions in 2023.


The relative peace in the Institute cannot be overemphasized if not for the sustained focus of the present Governing Board to allow peace to reign. It is the resolve of this GB to ensure that “We will not knowingly bring the Institute or fellow members into disrepute” as our oath during the Institute induction states.
For the past one and half year, the Institute has moved from the traditional organizing and providing training to collaborating with relevant agencies of government to set standards, determine the knowledge level, affiliate with higher institutions of learning and to regulate the practice of safety management and accredit both local and foreign safety organizations operating in Nigeria as stated in the ISPON Act, 2014. Such collaborative effort is the training of Quality Assurance Assessors by National Board on Technical Education (NBTE) for the members of the Institute as part of the Standards and Accreditation requirement of the Institute.
Amongst the collaborative steps taken by the President and his team was the stakeholders engagement conference with the Ministries, Departments and Agencies on the 10th of March, 2022 which was well attended by over thirty MDAs.


The Institute had its long awaited yearly professional development conference in August 2022 with over four hundred participants which was a huge success despite the negative influence of social media enemies that had no culture of safety but arrogance, egoism with no humility, no leadership traits but only personal aggrandizement who tried to scuttle the conference. I am grateful to the Representatives of the Head of Service of the Federation Dr. Mrs. Adeosun and her team, The Director General Lagos state Safety Commission, Mr. Lanre Omojola and his team, The Principal / Chief Executive officer, Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) Dr. Ademula and his team, the National Board of Technical Education for their beautiful presentations during the last year’s Professional Development Conference that was held in Benin, Edo state. We thank the Edo State Governor, Indorama Eleme Petro Chemicals, Integrated Data Services Limited / Nigerian Petroleum Development Company both now NNPC, Fresh Fountains Consulting, etc. for sponsoring the Professional Development Conference. “The Conference has left with us an unanswered question- ISPON WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?”

The most significant in the History of ISPON was the Institute Induction into the league of professional bodies in Nigeria – The Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria (APBN) on the 20th of September, 2022. I am very sure the stakeholders’ team comprising of Mbata, Jamiu, Julius, Ewedemi, Monica, Mazi etc, must be thinking out of the box on the next line of action. This was the first agenda of this Governing Board as part of stakeholder engagement and I am very optimistic, it’s going to be one of the top events in the collaborative and engagement agenda of this Governing Board come 2023.

Another interesting point of note is the ISPON collaborations with top security agencies, Visit to Nigerian Navy and signing MOU with the Nigerian Air Force, Nigeria Police will be coming up this January in line with the Federal Government directives of ensuring that safety is in the front desk of all MDAs, Private sector organizations. We have fostered a closer relationship in signing MOU with Edo State Polytechnics, Usen and Petroleum Training Institute, Warri, Delta State.

While building our relationship with professional bodies in Nigeria and propagating the word, Safety Is the Hub for all Professions, we will continue to call on all safety practitioners and professionals to preach the gospel of safety to everyone in every workplace and in every sector of the economy, be it residential, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, mining, construction, process, marine, aviation, power sector, the financial sector, the environment sector, the law of safety, communication and management systems.

We are also grateful to the National Board of Technical Education for providing free Assessors training to members of the Institute for the standards and accreditation of safety institutions and institution of higher learning.

The year 2023 is going to be an exciting one in the history of the Institute of safety professionals of Nigeria as we continue the collaborative engagement with stakeholders in all sectors of the economy.

Peace in ISPON has been our watchword, and I appeal to all safety professional organizations both local and foreign organizations to continue to preach the gospel of safety to the nook and cranny of Nigeria that together we shall move the Institute of safety professionals of Nigeria forward to greater heights and ensure that safety is everyone’s responsibility, and it is the hub of all professions. Remember, all corporate organizations in Nigeria that have safety officers gainfully employed and safety organizations in Nigeria owe the Institute a duty to register as individual and as corporate members of the Institute.

The President appreciates the efforts of Governing Board Members and State branch Chairmen of the Institute for the unflinching support during the past one year and half. While the President and his team continue with Federal Government Agencies, we encourage the state chairmen to collaborate with relevant state government ministries, agencies and departments in the propagation of safety practice in their states.


I thank you all and have a pleasant and prosperous New Year, 2023.
Kaizer, G. EBI
National President
Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPON)

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