Alex Badeh Jnr, the newly appointed Director General of the Nigerians Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB), has underscored a commitment to enhance air and maritime safety across the nation, focusing on leveraging cutting-edge technology and data-driven approaches.

During the handover ceremony by former NSIB DG Akin Olateru in Abuja, Badeh emphasized a proactive strategy aimed at identifying and mitigating potential risks through technological advancements. He affirmed a collaborative effort involving government ministries, airlines, maritime authorities, rail operators, and more to revolutionize safety protocols.

“My vision for the NSIB transcends reacting to tragedies; it’s about ushering in transformative advancements in transport safety. We aim to prevent accidents proactively by harnessing data, technology, and human expertise,” stated Badeh.

He emphasized four key pillars for NSIB’s direction: a steadfast commitment to excellence, inter-agency collaboration, transparency, and accountability. Badeh stressed the adoption of international safety standards, driving transformative change, and envisioning an accident-free multimodal transport system.

Collaboration is central to this vision, with plans to work closely with aviation, maritime, railway, and road transport sectors. In aviation, a focus on strengthening safety management systems and modernizing technology is paramount. Similarly, partnerships in the maritime and railway sectors will bolster safety measures, from operational enhancements to prevention strategies.

Ensuring utmost transparency, Badeh warned against deviating from safety standards, asserting a strict adherence to established protocols and guidelines. He emphasized the NSIB’s commitment to upholding professionalism and highest safety standards at all levels.

Regarding maritime safety, Badeh reinforced a commitment to prioritize safety, learn from unforeseen circumstances, and ensure the well-being of individuals involved. Every effort will be directed towards shaping a safer future for all travelers, emphasizing the value of learning from incidents to advance safety measures.

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